The Fish Sniffer - Big Limits Possible For Night Anglers
Big Limits Possible For Night Anglers

Written By: Dan Bacher, March 5, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Clear Lake,

The big bass possibilities of night fishing at Clear Lake were evidenced by the latest trip other by Larry Hemphill, fishing guide, and Mike Sperbeck.

“After a few slow trips, Mike and I decided to give it another go,” said Hemphill. “We’re glad we did!! We started about 5 pm and quit at 11 pm, out of Red Bud.”

“Mike got the first one - all of 8". He got one more before dark - much bigger, and then things became exciting,” he noted. “I didn't have a bite until 7:15 when a big bass crunched my jig. I set and soon landed a tail-walking 7.36 lb bass.

“We then moved to an area that isn't fished much by us or anyone else,” recalled Hemphill. “Soon big Mike is grunting and hollering - NET. She went 8.52 lbs.”

“In the next hour I caught 3 between 5.9 and 6 lbs and we both had more in the 4-1/2 lb range,” he added. “We were able to do the 30 lb thing early this year - best 5 at 33 lbs 6 oz. We had 10 bites each - I landed 8, Mike 6 + big fish. It was a very fair and square trip for both of us.”

Hemphill caught all of his bass on black/chartreuse Blade Runner and old Weapon jigs, with a 6" single tail Yamamoto grub. Sperbeck was using a double-wide Beaver some of the time, and probably other baits too.

“None of the quality bass were deeper than 15 feet,” said Hemphill. “Most were caught on off-shore structure.

The water temperature was 48-51 degrees and the clarity was 2 to 4 feet visibility.



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