The Fish Sniffer - Muddy Water Challenges Anglers
Muddy Water Challenges Anglers

Written By: Garry Erck, March 5, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Bullards Bar Reservoir, Englebright Reservoir,

The first major storms coming into Northern California pounded the region with pineapple express quantities of rain. While much needed, the heavy run-off muddied up the waters of both Englebright and Bullards Bar.

“Bullards Bar rose seventeen feet after the big storm,” reported Leven at Emerald Cove Marina.  “Water is lapping at the edge of Emerald Cove ramp and Dark Day has plenty of water now.”

“Bass and trout angling will be a challenge, as the murky water is going to make it tougher for fish to find the bait,” stated Leven. “Better bass action has been around the docks for anglers working grey plastics. Better trout action has come in for anchored up boats floating PowerBait or salmon eggs in the river mouth area.”

“We are battling stained water too,” said Lisa Rogers at Skipper’s Cove Marina. “Anglers have been few in numbers, but seem to getting 3-4 rainbows per rod.  Most seemed to target the marina area for their fish this past week.”

Bullards Bar is at 48% capacity, while Englebright stands at 92% of capacity. 


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