The Fish Sniffer - Sanddabs Are Crabs Are Still Holding On
Sanddabs Are Crabs Are Still Holding On

Written By: David Hurley, March 8, 2014
Species: Crabs
Location: Half Moon Bay,

Salmon season is a few weeks away, and the party boats are itching for the season to begin. In the interim period of time, Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat continues to load up on sanddabs and Dungeness crab with limits of crab and ‘all the sand dabs they wanted’ on Saturday, February 23.

He said, “We are finding the sanddabs in only 144 feet of water, three miles outside of the harbor.”

All party boats are ‘wide open’ for the anticipated salmon opener, and Sherry Ingles of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing said, “There isn’t much happening going on right now with the exception of crabbing from the pier and along the rockwall with snares as well as a few surf perch, but things will change in six weeks with the opener of salmon season.”

The Queen of Hearts and Riptide continued to be tied up to the docks, but both boats are ready for the salmon opener with plenty of space at the present time.

Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete is planning on fishing ‘Seven days a week,’ starting with the salmon opener.

Further north in Pacifica, Sheryl Jimno of the Rusty Hook in Pacifica reported decent crabbing from the pier with snares stuffed with squid or sardines, and a few surfperch are showing up from the beaches. Pile and blood worms have been very difficult to obtain with the continued freezing weather on the East Coast, so fishermen are settling for prawns or anchovies. 



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