The Fish Sniffer - The New Fish Sniffer Staff boat is Under Construction!
The New Fish Sniffer Staff boat is Under Construction!

Written By: Paul J. Kneeland, March 10, 2014
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The New Fish Sniffer Staff boat is Under Construction!
The New Fish Sniffer Staff boat is Under Construction! The New Fish Sniffer Staff boat is Under Construction!

We are very excited to announce the next Fish Sniffer fishing boat! Rogue Jet Boatworks of White City, Oregon is in the process of building a brand new Rogue Jet 21’ Coastal for the Fish Sniffer staff to use throughout Northern California.

Bruce Wassom, owner of Rogue Jet Boatworks, is one of the foremost aluminum boat designers and pilots in the country. Bruce started his career with Alumaweld boats in the seventies, then founded and operated Jetcraft boats for many years, before starting Rogue Jet Boatworks in 2003. He has more experience operating jet boats than any other person I know, running rivers from Chile to Tibet, and all across the western United States.

The new Fish Sniffer Rogue Jet 21’ Coastal is an outboard powered deep vee hull designed for use on big water – built extra deep and wide with extra freeboard to handle the roughest water in safety and style.


Each Rogue Jet bottom is formed with a single sheet of high grade marine aluminum that ensures structural integrity along the full length and width of the bottom. Rogue Jets uses 5086 Marine Alloy that is much more corrosive resistant and 40% stronger for the same thickness! This ordinary flat aluminum sheet will be transformed into a sleek Rogue Jet Hull!


This photo shows the upside down hull of the Fish Sniffer 21’ Coastal, with the Progressive Deadrise Hull design (18 degrees transom to 50 degrees bow) and showing the fully welded lifting strakes.


This photos shows the heavy duty box girder construction on the inside of the hull below the floor. The Rogue Jet Coastal features a .190 bottom and transom thickness, and all welded girder construction that makes these hulls almost indestructible, and allows Rogue Jet to offer Lifetime Guarantee!


We can’t wait to be able to fish out of this boat! Check out the next issue of The Fish Sniffer for another update on the construction of the Fish Sniffer 21’ Coastal. For more information, contact Rogue Jet Boatworks at (541)826-5400 or see them at

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By: nvthis on Mar 11, 2014

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