The Fish Sniffer - Trout And Kings Prowl East Shore
Trout And Kings Prowl East Shore

Written By: Cal Kellogg, March 5, 2014
Species: Trout Landlocked Salmon
Location: Lake Almanor,

  “The east shore is where it is at,” exclaimed Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service. “Mother Nature gave us a little boost in the precipitation totals by sending in a pretty good storm over the last weekend bringing much needed rain to the Almanor basin.”

“Those of you who know me, know rain and snow generally doesn't stop me from getting out but this storm was packing some pretty good winds as well that made the lake un-fishable.”

“Early in the week we hit the water under a mostly clear sky, almost zero wind and mild temperatures. The biggest weather event we had to deal with was lots of thick fog. The Lowrance radar really got a work out, one of the days we fished in heavy fog all day with it only lifting as we were headed back into the docks,” said Roccucci.

“I started fishing along the east shore at a couple of my favorite spots and found plenty of fish chasing smelt right on the surface. Despite the good number of fish in the area, we were only hooking a few rainbows and the bites as well as the fish activity faded quickly,” Roccucci related.

“Time for "Plan B” We ran up the east side near Hamilton Branch, despite the increased flows out of the powerhouse the water only had a slight stain to it. I began marking fish shallow as well as deep so we took a split approach, Arctic Fox Flies up top on the outriggers and spoons down deep on the downriggers and the rewards started stacking up. Over the course of the week we managed to hammer a mix of browns, ‘bows and kings from 2 pounds to just over 23 inches and 5 pounds,” continued Roccucci.


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