The Fish Sniffer - Water Level Comes Up
Water Level Comes Up

Written By: Danny Lloyd, March 6, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Folsom Lake,

The long time overdue rain finally hit Folsom Lake and surrounding areas, managing to bring the lake level up over 10 feet in a matter of days. Fishing will continue to improve over the next few weeks into the spring months.

This past week Brendan Bullard and fishing partner Ben Reynal fished Folsom twice with great results one day and lousy fishing the next. The first trip they were able to get on the water around noon and fished until dark.

They managed 3 trout to 16 inches and a very nice 20 inch landlocked king they caught while top lining a Uncle Larry's spinner with a orange blade. The following trip they did the same thing and only managed a single bass.

Brendan stated, "expect fishing to improve here over the next few weeks as the water clears up after those recent storms. Currently we are having our best luck top lining Kastmasters in a silver/blue pattern and 1/4 ounce to 1/2 ounce depending on speed. We caught most of our fish trolling 3.5-4.5 mph," reported Bullard.

Black bass fishing during these winter months tends to slow down, as should your approach to fishing for them. One of the best baits during these colder months before spring is to drift live minnows. If you do not want to use minnows , slow down your presentation and work the points and steep drop offs throughout the lake.

Water levels at press time show the lake is now holding 29 percent of its capacity and 384.97 feet above sea level. This is 54 percent of average for the lake. 


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