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Team Fish Sniffer is all things related to fishing in California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Issue 3412

About The Fish Sniffer

The Fish Sniffer Online” is derived from our publication. Here we share the best of our informative, timely, biweekly journal of all the sportfishing activities in California, Nevada, and Oregon. Our site is filled with up-to-date fishing reports, stories, articles, maps, forecasts and information of value to the anglers of the West. “The Fish Sniffer” is dedicated to promoting the wide range of fishing opportunities available in the west and encouraging the conservation and restoration of these fisheries.

Our prime coverage is Northern and Central California, Nevada, Southern Oregon, the San Diego Long Range Fleet, and Baja Mexico. The site content goes well beyond our circulation of over 23,000 dyed-in-the-wool fishermen centered in Northern California, primarily the San Francisco, San Jose and Central Valley areas. The Fish Sniffer forums is by far the heart of our online presence and a great place to learn what is trending and what is being most talked about today.

The Fish Sniffer now also covers all hunting activities in Northern California with the “Hunting Journal” section that runs in every issue. You will see news and feature articles on deer hunting, duck hunting, upland bird hunting, pig hunting, varmint hunting and much more. Feature articles will detail seasons, regulation changes, and “how to” articles about sport hunting in California and beyond.

FishSniffer.com is the largest fisherman’s website on the west coast. We average over 8,500,000 pages served and over 125,000 unique visitors each month. Our click through rate is 1.8% to 7.5%, compared to the national web average of only .02% FishSniffer.com is a vivid, highly used, interactive website dedicated to the fishermen of Northern California.

The readers of The Fish Sniffer and FishSniffer.com are avid fishermen who spend their weekends and vacations fishing all over the west coast. They also spend a great deal of their disposable incomes on these weekends and vacations. By combining The Fish Sniffer newspaper with FishSniffer.com, our advertisers present a multi-dimensional message read by the most active fishermen in Northern California. If your target market consists of fishermen and their families, “The Fish Sniffer” is by far the most effective and cost efficient advertising medium you can buy to reach them in California, Nevada and Oregon.

The Fish Sniffer and FishSniffer.com are a production of Northern California Angler Publications, Inc.“THE FISH SNIFFER” 2013

Meet The Fish Sniffer Staff

Paul J. Kneeland
Northern California Angler Publications, Inc.
“ The Fish Sniffer”

Dan Bacher
Managing Editor
Northern California Angler Publications, Inc.
“ The Fish Sniffer”

Cal Kellogg
Editor - Marketing Director
Northern California Angler Publications, Inc.
“ The Fish Sniffer”

Sales Staff

Brooke Cyphers
Office Manager
Subscription Sales and Services

Ernie Marlan
FS Ad Sales Representative & Author

Sheldon Bright
FS Ad Sales Representatives

Fish Sniffer Online

Wes Ward
Web Developer

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