13th Annual Snag Proof is right around the corner!

Written By: FishSniffer Staff
July 1, 2014

13th Annual Snag Proof is right around the corner!

BETHEL ISLAND, Ca. –  Are you ready for some top water frog action!?!

You guessed it!… that time of year is right around the corner as August 2nd and 3rd marks the date for the Snag Proof Open, a 13th annual top water spectacular, that if it is anything close to last year’s event which was won by the team of Valdez and Hitchcock, anglers are in for more fun than ever!

The California delta (at Russo’s Marina) will be the venue, as this two-day event will allow participants to fish two completely different tides and times of day with the challenge of only being allowed to use Snag Proof Frogs as bait during competition.

Snag Proof Frogs are without question the most effective top water frog ever produced, and have helped some of the biggest names in professional bass fishing to secure countless victories in major competitions throughout the country, and our California delta along with it’s maze of sloughs loaded with heavy moss and grass will create the “perfect storm” for those that will be part of this year’s event.

Snag Proof’s new product lines include killer baits as Bobby’s Buzz frog, and Ish’s Phat Frog…along with a variety of the standard ol’ school, fail-safe frogs – in various colors that need no introduction, so no one should have a problem finding fish and landing the big ones!

In addition, this 13th annual Snag Proof Open event is one of the three qualifying events that you can participate in that could earn you a berth into the 2015 Coors Light Delta Open Teams Championship, where all you need to do is place in the top 25 on the Pro side or the top 25 on the Am side, and you will be granted an automatic berth into an event - with no more than 100 teams, fishing for a new vehicle!

So start getting your heavy rods loaded with heavy line, and prepare for an annual event that will be more fun than you can imagine! Hold the date, call and sign up today so you too can be part of all the fun!

See you all there!....ribbit…ribbit…

Angler’s Press – 916.768.0938

For more information, rules, and entry form visit:

http://www.snagproof.com or http://www.anglerspress.com

The Snag Proof Open is presented by Anglers Press, a promotions group known for hosting and presenting the highest quality outdoor venues throughout in the west such as the Snag Proof Open, Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge, River2Sea Open, and the NorCal Trout anglers Challenges.

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