Ducks Unlimited Dinner in Auburn Set For September 18

Written By: FishSniffer Staff
August 6, 2014

Ducks Unlimited Dinner in Auburn Set For September 18

Each year on the 3rd Tuesday of September, the Auburn Chapter of Ducks Unlimited has a fundraising dinner at the Gold Country Fairgrounds located in Auburn California. The event this year will be on September 18, at the Placer Building, 1273 High Street, in Auburn. 
Their mission is to protect, enhance restore, and manage important wetlands, and associated uplands. In doing so, they are recognized as the world leaders in waterfowl and wetlands conservation.
Presently, they are in the process of planning our 2014 dinner and are asking for your help. At this time we are looking for donation and sponsorships from both individuals and businesses, all donations are 100% tax deductible, be it cash, merchandise, or gift certificates, everything helps. More than 250 people from around the area attend their dinner, and they are proud to says all are excited, happy, and full from a great meal when they leave.
This year they are concentrating heavily on their Greenwing Program, children 16 and under, as well as their Ladies Only Raffle. “We feel it is never too early to introduce our children to the ecological ideals that make up Ducks Unlimited,” said Gus Everhart of the Auburn Chapter DU.
“As the success of our dinner and efforts in raising funds depends on the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we would like to thanks you in advance for your time, consideration, and helping hand,” he said.
“All donors and sponsors will be recognized at our dinner with banners, mentioned in our program, and throughout the night during all auctions and raffles, “he stated.
Ticket prices are $65 single, $85 couple and $35.00 for youth.
For more information, please contact the Auburn Chapter DU Promotions and Marketing Chairman Gus Everhart at (530) 205-7721 or at

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