New Features For the 68 Year Old Fred Hall Show

Written By: FishSniffer Staff
February 5, 2014

When Fred Hall began his shows in 1946 he didn’t foresee the difficulty of coming up with something new each year for the next 68 years.  But that was his goal and part of his successful business plan.  All of us in the Fred Hall organization work very hard to make the shows “new” each year.  It’s difficult because we have to keep so many things each year that have become popular.

For 2014 there are several new wrinkles to the Fred Hall Show…The Ultimate Outdoor Experience, March 5-9, at the Long Beach Convention Center.  First is the new Optics Alley, where quality optics companies will have their own row, anchored by the optics retailer Optics for Birding.  Attendees at the Fred Hall Show can compete in the Fred Hall Snipe Hunt.  Any attendee can use optics from any of the factories on Optics Alley and look for the snipe decoys in the rafters.  If you spot one you can enter to win a $500.00 optics gift certificate.  There are other optics dealers in the show but you can only enter the Fred Hall Snipe Hunt from Optics Alley.

The Costa Sporting Chef Café will be going through some big changes.  Scott Leysath, TV’s own Sporting Chef from the Sportsman’s Channel, is the host of two TV Shows.  One is called The Sporting Chef and the other is called Dead Meat.  Both are wildly popular.  As host of the Sporting Chef Café, Scott and his co-host, singer/songwriter Gary Schiebler will preside over two new events.  In the new “Gaffed” segment, two contestants from the audience will come to the stage and try to cook a meal using the secret basket of ingredients prepared by the Sporting Chef.  The other new segment will be the Sporting Chef Challenge where chefs from the long-range fleet will challenge Sporting Chef Leysath with a secret ingredient selected by Tommy Gomes, from Uni Goop and Catalina Offshore Products.  With Scott Leysath, Gary Schiebler and Tommy Gomes on hand each segment should be very entertaining.

There will be over 400 seminars in the five days of the Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center Presented by Progressive Insurance and by Hobie Kayaks.  Many of those seminars will be panel discussions.  There are five main seminar venues.  There is the Mammoth Lakes Ultimate Eastern Sierra Experience, the Cousins Tackle Ultimate Saltwater Experience, the Typhoon Ultimate Bass Fishing Experience, The Accurate Saltwater Tank and the fly-fishing seminar area and casting ponds.  While there will be panel discussions at every venue there are two notable panels in 2014.  The first is the Wicked Tuna Panel with Paul Hebert, Captain of the boat Wicked Pissah!, Dave Marciano, Captain of the boat The Hard Merchandise and Tyler McLaughlin, Captain of The Pinwheel, from the famous National Geographic TV show.  These famous blue fin tuna fishermen will take part in a blue fin panel discussion hosted by Maui Jim Sunglasses and Accurate Fishing Products.  BD Outdoors owner Ali Hussaini will moderate this discussion and be joined on the stage by Ben Seacrest and Mike Battistoni.

The second unique seminar will be presented by the California Department of fish and Wildlife.  In attendance will be Director Chuck Bonham, Deputy Director of Fish & Wildlife Dan Yparraguirre, Chief of Law Enforcement Mike Carion, Fisheries Branch Chief Stafford Lehr and Marine Region Manager Craig Shuman.  This unique panel with its open access to all Southern California sportsmen will take place on Saturday March 8, 2014.  Let’s Talk Hook-Up radio show host Pete Gray will moderate this high-end panel.  The state officials will take questions from the audience.  The questions must be written down first and asked by the moderator.  This is a great opportunity for sportsmen and sportswomen to ask the Fish and Wildlife leaders any questions they want.

With thousand of displayed products, hundreds of boats, over 400 seminars plus the Mammoth Lakes Kids Fish Free Trout Pond, the Ram Trucks Ultimate Air Dogs, the Great American Duck Races, the Toyota Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show, air gun ranges, archery, laser shot, lagoon casting and fly casting, the Fred Hall Show…The Ultimate Outdoor Experience is a show not to be missed.  March 5-9 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Details at

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