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Experimenting With A Combo Gitzit/Drop Shot Rig

Last time we took a gander at problem solving that truly helps us average angler types.  One of the tips discussed was the new drop shot hook.  

Since then, I took my first bass trip of the season, with a twist. Rather than use a sinker at the bottom end of my drop shot rig, my choice was a...


Avoiding Line Twist On Spinning Reels

Last time we took a gander at the new sturgeon regs, which appear to have a few serious questions. Mainly, the one day angler and under age angler. Do the kids need the card and do one-day anglers have to buy a card, and then remember months later to mail it in? Just asking, Moving on. 



Feb 7, 2013 Reaction To New Sturgeon Fishing Regulations

Last time we took a gander at steelheading as well as the new sturgeon regs.  I have since spoken with a few skippers and mostly the responses are semi-positive. Barbless hooks…fish are still hooked fairly well, a few more lost when they jump, but easier to release in the water. 



Jan 1, 2013 Fish With Big Hooks For Stripers

Last time we skirted the steelhead issue, and now, in spite of one of the worst storms ever experienced, the fishin’ is pretty good. The main river above the Benicia Bridge had some wide open bites for stripers.  

Six packers, such as Fish Hookers, were landing 20-30 fish per day. Of...


Nov. 29, 2012 Target Feather River For Early Season Steelhead

Last time we took our first look at the upcoming steelhead season, and now it’s here. Of course, the coastal rivers are completely rain dependent, but we are extremely fortunate to have the Feather River within just a few hours drive. So’s, why is this important? 

Well, it gives us the...


Nov. 1, 2012 Tossing Out Hardware For Winter Steelies

Last time we did a little angling for stripers, however the bite was either red hot or blue cold.  As the guy said in the movie, “when you’re hot, your hot and when you’re not, you’re not.” That about summed it up.

Early season steelies are already in the Feather though, and that’s good...


Getting Baited Up For Fall Striper Fishing

The stripers are here, albeit a tad scattered. Fall is “THE” time to fish for stripers in the upper bay and delta area. Montezuma Slough is a weak choice so far this year, as the fish appear to be in the more open bay, ie: the middle grounds and/or the Ryer Island area. 

The number one...


Sept. 6, 2012 Salmon And The Old Cast Iron Skillet

Does anyone out there still use the old cast iron skillet? We had one and both of my grandparents used them for everything from fried chicken, (of course), to after church breakfast of fried spuds, bacon, ham or steak and eggs, topped off with ½ pound biscuits and jam, both homemade. 



From Wide-Open Kokanee To Fall Run Kings

Last time we were into a wide-open kokanee bite at Berryessa. It’s still going on, but not quite wide open anymore. How can any river angler not now be cranked up for the upcoming Sacramento River salmon season?  

Yes, I know it’s already open, but the results during the first few weeks in...


Shad Run Is Best In Five Years

Last time we took a bunch of pictures, not pitchers, of our trophy fish, so I can’t wait to see the salmon pics in the near future. Just one reminder: wash off the dripping blood prior to snapping your award winning photo. 

One item I failed to mention, just a thought. It’s just fine to...


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