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Starrh & Starrh Cotton Growers: $10 million in taxpayer subsidies behind the ‘tears’

To understand what is really going on in California water politics, you have to "follow the money." 

Restore the Delta, opponents of Governor Jerry Brown's Bay Delta Conservation Plan to build the salmon-killing peripheral tunnels, is doing just this in its series of reports entitled,...


Northern California Rivers and Fish Doomed Absent Immediate Agency Action

Tribes, Fishing Groups and Conservation Groups Call for “Flow Listings” 

Initial projections of the April 1 snowpack assessment, a key indicator of water conditions, indicate that snowpack is near record lows and that water storage is less than 30% of normal conditions, according to a joint...


Oil Lobby spending in California increases by 400 percent


A ground breaking report released on April 1, 2014 by the ACCE Institute and Common Cause reveals that Big Oil spent $123.6 million to lobby elected officials in California over the past 15 years, an increase of over 400 percent since the 1999-2000 legislative session, when the industry...

Oil lobby spent $56.63 million in Sacramento in 2009-2013

A new chart released by Stop Fooling California reveals that the oil industry, including the Western States Petroleum Association, Chevron, BP and other oil companies, spent $56.63 million on lobbying at the State Capitol in the five years from 2009 through 2013. 

"It’s enough to spend...

Sacramento River salmon trucking program begins

Federal and state officials and fishing group representatives yesterday greeted the beginning of a trucking program designed to transport juvenile Sacramento River salmon from a federal fish hatchery in Anderson, California to the Delta in order to improve their chances of survival in...


Big oil lobbyist serves on federal marine protected areas panel

A prominent California oil industry lobbyist not only served as a high ranking official overseeing the creation of marine protected areas in California, but also currently sits on a federal marine protected areas advisory panel, according to information published on the NOAA website. 

In one...


Restore the Delta calls for investigation into water mismanagement

As supporters of corporate agribusiness interests carried signs proclaiming "Food and People Before Fish" at a Congressional field hearing in Fresno on March 19, Restore the Delta (RTD) called on the federal government to provide drought relief to Delta farmers and business owners and to...


Interior Secretary Jewell refuses to meet with Delta protesters

During a visit to the federal water export pumping facilities in the South Delta on March 11, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell affirmed the Obama administration’s support for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan to build the peripheral tunnels - and failed to meet with Delta advocates...


Fracking Opponents Should Oppose Peripheral Tunnels

The anti-fracking movement in California has grown in recent months since the passage of the green light to fracking bill, Senator Fran Pavley’s Senate Bill 4. 

Fracking opponents heckled Jerry Brown at the Democratic Convention last weekend as they urged him to ban fracking (...


Delta protesters call on Secretary Jewell to not back peripheral tunnels

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today will tour the federal C.W. “Bill” Jones Pumping Plant in Byron that exports Delta water to corporate agribusiness interests and oil companies - and Restore the Delta representatives will be on hand to protest Governor Jerry Brown's Bay Delta...


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