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Reclamation releases additional flows to avert Klamath River fish kill!

After a big protest by the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Valley Tribes and their supporters at the Bureau of Reclamation offices in Sacramento on August 19, Reclamation announced on Friday, August 22, that it would release additional water from Trinity Reservoir to supplement flows in the lower...


Big Oil has spent over $63 million on lobbying in Sacramento since 2009


While there are many powerful industries based in California, ranging from the computer and high tech industry to corporate agribusiness, no industry has more influence over the state's environmental policies than Big Oil. 

An ongoing analysis of reports filed with the California...

Tribal protesters urge Secretary Jewell to stop Klamath River fish kill

Tribal members from the Trinity and Klamath rivers, carrying an array of colorful signs, converged on a press conference in Redding, California on Tuesday, August 12 to urge Sally Jewell, Obama's Secretary of Interior, to release Trinity River water out of Lewiston Dam to stop a massive...


Water bond includes $485 million to buy water for Brown’s death tunnels

Yesterday Governor Jerry Brown, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and over two dozen agricultural, water, environmental, labor and corporate representatives called for action on Brown's controversial revised water bond, while defenders of the Delta and...


Jerry Brown signs legislation to extend water bond deadline

Governor Jerry Brown on August 11 signed legislation to extend the deadline to place a new water bond on the November ballot by 48 hours. 

“Today’s legislative action provides additional time to get an acceptable water bond -- one that’s affordable and considers the needs of all...


Bay Delta Conservation Plan opponents ask Brown to release water bond language

In an email sent to his campaign supporters on August 5, Governor Jerry Brown called for a “no frills, no pork” $6 billion bond that would be “tunnels neutral.” 

Opponents of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan’s proposed $67 billlion tunnels quickly challenged the claim that the bond is”...


Will Obama administration inaction lead to another Klamath River fish kill?

In September 2002, Dan Carter, fishing guide, called to tell me that a massive fish kill was taking place on the lower Klamath River. He soon turned the phone over to Walt Lara, Yurok Tribal Elder, who emphasized the scope of the disaster unfolding at the time. 

"The fish kill is a lot...


Greenwashing Destruction: Fake marine “protection” and Brown’s tunnels

Today, July 29, is the final day of the public comment period for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) to build the peripheral tunnels and the Environmental Impact Statement/Report (EIS/EIR). 

Restore the Delta and other groups opposed to the construction of the twin tunnels will rally...


Bay Delta Conservation Plan Officials Suppress Freedom of Speech

State and federal officials have constantly claimed that the Bay Delta Conservation Plan process is "open and transparent," but a short comment letter submitted to BDCP officials by Friends of the River on July 24 revealed that the controversial process is anything but "open and...


PPIC Poll: 51 percent of likely voters would back $11.1 billion water bond

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has just released the results of a statewide survey revealing that a "slim majority" of likely voters, 51 percent, would support the $11.1 billion water bond. 

The survey, "Californians and the Environment," also indicated that support for a...


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