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Musselled Out Of Del Valle

The only nearby lake that’s fun for us to take the dogs to, now that Deke is too old to walk long distances to a body of water, is Del Valle. So, a couple weeks ago, we scooted on over there to take the dogs out for a swim. It was a blistering hot day and we were all looking forward to...


Feb 7, 2013 Still Reeling

I’m still on cloud nine over that sturgeon I caught last month. I think of that story by Ernest Hemingway, “The Old Man & the Sea.” It’s a story as old as time. And, yet, when it happens, it’s an extraordinary moment.

 For me, it’s that moment when I know that the fish on the other end of...


Jan 1, 2013 A Bigger Story Than Expected

I didn’t want to write about Eric again; so, I told Dan, “Eric is taking me striper fishing on Saturday; can I get my article in on Monday?” 

Dan said, “Sure; go fishing; go get your story.” 

So, Eric, the dogs, and I went out of Martinez into Suisun Bay and fished for stripers all day. We...


Nov. 29, 2012 Yummy Election Night Halibut

As duck season neared, it was obvious that Deke’s spine wasn’t getting better; so, Eric had to come to terms with the fact that he wouldn’t be duck hunting every weekend as usual this year. 

So, what’s open now? Crab season…. Yes! Crabs! But, one big problem stood in our way. Now that we...


Nov. 1, 2012 Autumn With a Bang!

Wow! A couple of days ago, I was wearing shorts and a tank top; all of a sudden, I’m wearing warm gloves & winter clothes. Shoot! I hope it’s not too late to plant the rest of my garlic. 

Eric just got back from Wyoming, where he went for antelope. Last month, Eric got a real big...


Late Summer’s Bounty

Eric arrived home the other day with a sack of the most beautiful pomegranates I’ve every laid my eyes upon. I know they are labor intensive (or, seem that way) and they are messy. 

Yes. This all is true… But, if you just resign yourself to the task at hand, they’re worth the venture. Just...


Hello Halibut!

While I’ve been unable to join Eric on his excursions these past couple months, Eric has been having a blast fishing out of Santa Cruz and Monterey. Along with the halibut, salmon, rockfish, lingcod, and sand dabs, Eric’s seen wonderful sights and taken amazing photos of whales, seals,...


Marvelous Clams & Sauce in Marvelous May

This is a great time of year! Eric has been coming home with tasty shellfish treats. We’re having great weather and fishing at the same time, kids are still in school (less jet skis and boom boxes at the lakes), turkeys are strutting and putting on their shows, and there’s wildflowers...


The Bite Is On

Eric was chomping at the bit to go fishing today instead of going to work. Tony had gotten two 20 lb. salmon and was going out today again to try his luck. 

We’ve been waiting for the next batch of salmon to show up; and, it appears that they have arrived. And, it appears that Eric is going...


Waste Not, Want Not

Fishing’s been pretty darn great lately. Eric hasn’t come back with a sea bass like some lucky folks are getting out of Santa Cruz; but, he’s been bringing home delicious, deletable salmon. This past weekend, he brought home 3 halibut, 2 salmon, and a bunch of sand dabs

Yet, what did he...


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