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    Re: Rancho Seco Report

    ^^pics? Wish I could get a 9 out of there. Most time it's dinks.

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    Re: Rancho Seco Report

    Got a 9 pounder out there on Saturday afternnon..

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    Re: Rancho Seco Report

    My first time ever at RS was last year about this time with some friends fishing off the north docks for trout. First thing I did was tied on a crawdad pattern rattletrap and they thought I was crazy. First cast nailed a nice 3lb LM. Guess who was having the last laugh


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    Re: Rancho Seco Report

    I have seen big bass swimming around on the north side of the lake, fishing off the docks. Of course, if you can see them they usually don't bite. I have caught a few smaller ones, but the big guys are in there.

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    Rancho Seco Report

    Went there Sunday and got there late morning. Threw an 8" Huddleston deluxe ROF5 from the bank for a few hours with no success.

    Only down side was that I got snagged up on the rocks at the rock piles and had to break my line losing a new Hudd...

    Decided to throw plasics and managed a small 10" bass on the north shore by the wooden docks

    Next time, I will be out there with my float tube



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