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  1. Leader line sizes

    Quote Originally Posted by Plug-n-Jug View Post
    I start with 12lb. Maxima CXX, then adjust. Anywhere from 10lb to 20lbs, it all depends on the speed and depth of the drift.

    Anything less than 10# for Salmon is a bad idea in my opinion. If you land a dark fish that you decide to release or you snag a fish that you have to release, fighting them on light line for an extended period of time significantly reduces their chance for survival. This is even more true on years like this where the water is low and warm with little oxygen. ...
  2. Salmon forecast for abundant 2014 season

    Quote Originally Posted by Nor_Cal_Drifter View Post
    Unfortunately the forecast won't amount to much if the water is not least for the rivers. Keep raining!
  3. Shimano vs Lamiglas Steelie/Salmon Rod

    Quote Originally Posted by saizo View Post
    but are they loomis blanks or shimano blanks that they are starting with nor cal? i wouldnt know, gloomis are too expensive for my taste. i break too many of them lol.
    Loomis blanks, made at the Woodland, WA Loomis facility. Graphite is rolled there and rods are assembled there.
  4. Egg loop knot

    D -

    Instead of the "twist" after the first 8 wraps you need to go back through the hook eye. The second set of wraps goes over both lines. Hard to explain - watch JD's video.
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