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    Re: Two-Part Polyurethane vs One-Part Polyurethane

    I once painted the bottom of a boat with the one part Interlux polyurethane topside paint after removing the anti-fouling bottom paint and getting the bottom sand blasted. It seemed to provide a thinner and softer coat than the 2 part stuff. It took several coats to get the job right. The 2 part paint is almost like gel coat if you apply it correctly and a single coat with a spray gun is often sufficient. You can't brush on the 2 part paint if I recall correctly. The one part is brushable. You need to use a respirator when applying the 2 part, which is probably why it is hard to find in CA.

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    Two-Part Polyurethane vs One-Part Polyurethane

    I'm getting ready to start a mild restore on my 1948 Wizard which includes new topside paint (the bottom paint is still holding up nicely after 5 years) but the topside paint needs attention.

    So after doing some research and based on the quality of bottom paint (interlux) I want to use an interlux topside paint.

    Aside from being $35 more for the two part and not as available in California, what is the difference between a one part and two part?

    Thanks for the help, when I get started in June I will be sure to take pictures throughout the process. I know how the sniffers like their pictures,




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