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Thread: klamath boats

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    Re: klamath boats

    I own both 06 18' NR Seahawk and 05 16' Klamath EXCC. The Klamath is a great boat !


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    Re: klamath boats

    Thanks guys Im thinkin im gunna get one as my next boat.

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    Re: klamath boats

    There is a 15 ft Klamath for sale on the boats for sale section.

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    Re: klamath boats

    For what it is worth, I 'm on my fourth Klamath boat. *Started with a 12', 14', 15', and I now have an 18'. *Obviously I'm happy with Klamath! *Klamath makes good quality boats! *There are many other manufacturers of aluminum boats that are much better quality! *Without going into all the pros and cons (which has been discussed many times), one really has to decide what works for them, and the types of fishing they do. *I'm very happy with Klamath, and they have suited my needs just fine!

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    Re: klamath boats

    I have a 16' bay runner center console with a 60 hp and it takes the wave good. It is a very stable boat .

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    Re: klamath boats

    I owned a 14ft. Klammath for 12 years or so. Bought it new-fished the hell out of it!!!! Abused it like no tomorrow! No issues! I just upgraded in 05 to a Lund.

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    Re: klamath boats

    I also have a 14' Klam and love it, but it does have limitations and it doesn't mean I don't dream about a little bigger boat. I think no matter what boat you get there are always pros and cons.

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    Re: klamath boats

    use to have a 14' very good reliable boat

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    Re: klamath boats

    NR and Lund's are in a different class above the Klamath, however the Klamath is still a great all welded boat. I have a small 14 ft Deluxe and the mfg is located in Vallejo if you need anything.

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    klamath boats

    What do you guys think of the klamath boats?? I know a lot of you guys have North Rivers and Lunds and other boats. But I didnt see any Klamath boats in the pic. Jusrt checkin I might get one.



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