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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    The v-20 is one of the few boats out there that is worth restoring.


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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    no thank double haul i put the boat on craigslists and out the blue some guy came out from sac came and bought the damn thing for $2500 bucks with a blown engine !!!!!!!!!!!! i love the fish sniffer!! yestruday i went out and was going to repower the boat for 15k but when i got to thinking i can get a newer boat for that with a cabin thats much nicer !!!

    im just a loose nut fishing

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    Those are great boats. Like the others said they do have some wood in them. I had the 1980 Chris Craft Scorpion 211 which was exactly like the v-20 steplift. Good dry boats with a big flare bow. I have a 1984 Wellcraft brochure I can get you a copy of if you like.

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    One thing you must look at, is the fuel tank.
    If it hasen't been replaced in 23 years, it's shot.
    Unless the deck above the tank is screwed in & not completely glassed to the corners, your going to have to cut the floor to get to the tank.
    Through the years I've helped buddies replace the fuel tanks in these older boats, & I've found virtually every deck [ floor ] had rot in it, & had to be replaced.
    It's like an old house, once you break a pipe & go to repair it, everything you touch breaks, & you end up having to replace all the plumbing.
    Same goes for an older boat.
    I would certainly have that transom checked by someone qualified, because the new engines of today, especially 4 strokes, are really heavy.

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    No. I'm suggesting that you hire a certified marine surveyor to check out the boat. If they drill holes, they know how to repair them properly using filler and epoxy. They also know how to detect rot by the sound the hull makes when hit with a mallet.

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    so you saying i should drill holes in my trans to see if water come outs ? how do i plug them up ?
    im just a loose nut fishing

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    It's not a matter of water getting into the bilge. It can get into the transom from outside of the boat. You'll never see this water or the resulting rot unless you drill a hole. I once replaced a transducer on a 1975 Grady White and watched water run out of the screw holes in the transom. That boat never had a wet bilge, but it needed a transom.

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    ive been on my boat for 48 hrs straight in rain during the original sturg derb and when i pulled the boat out and opulled the plug the boat had very little water in it
    im just a loose nut fishing

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    I was just in Florida and saw a 1969 Proline center console that was just fine. The guy said that he had replaced the transom once.

    Many older fiberglass boats had wood transoms and stringers. I don't know if Wellcraft still used wooden structural components in 1985. As long as they are properly sealed, they should not rot. But the glass tends to crack at stress points and let in water. A good surveyor will drill small holes and look for signs of rot. At the very least, they will check the obvious stress points for cracks.

    I've been in several 20ft Wellcrafts over the years. I like the ride on the center consoles. The cuddy tends to pound a bit in rough water. They were pretty dry riding, middle of the road sort of boats.

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    Re: 1985 Wellcraft v20 steplift

    water dog i already have the wellcraft everything look pretty good from the outside ( the seat need to be redone and boats needs to be repowered) i dont know what else to look for thats why i posted this post and i really just tryin to see what experience people say before i go and put 15k in this boat to repower it
    im just a loose nut fishing


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