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    Re: What kind of paint for fiberglass?

    Yeah, after talking to my buddy, I agree that the right way to do it is to buy the automotive paint and sprayit. He has the sprayer, and we both got compressors. Im still not sure Im gonna do it that way. I kinda want it camo, and that may get expensive. I might just use rattle can for the camo, and then spray a clearcoat over it.
    The boat is sanded down to the gelcoat, and the gelcoat is lightly scuffed to hold the paint. I am also gonna use rattle can for the primer.
    I really want to keep the cost of this whole project under $1000. So far I been on it. Once I paint it this weekend, i just gotta flip it over and glue the carpet down. I should be all finished well before my deadline of March 16.

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    Re: What kind of paint for fiberglass?

    A buddy of mine repainted his fiberglass boat the entire thing top to bottom inside and out. *He used an automotive grade fiberglass specific paint. But he also used an automotive type paint sprayer. So you may have to buy a paint sprayer and high volume air compressor to keep up. He did this job about 2 years ago and it still looks great. The only wear marks are on the hull from trailering in rough condition and beaching.


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    Re: What kind of paint for fiberglass?

    ok so i did the same thing as you a few years ago on my old boat. one thing i can tell you is do not sand past the gell coat otherwise the fiberglass will ubsorb any paint you use. just about any auto or boat paint will work above the water line anything below you should use special paint. make sure anywhere you paint you prep very well and use some type of primer/sealer before you paint. when i did it we sanded and prepd very well then i bought auto paint mixed to match my truck and bought some sealer. i then had an old friend spray it for me he had a shop and spray set up. it worked out pretty nice he only charged me 100 to spray, and paint and other stuff cost about $150. my totall price was about $300 i think i was pretty lucky. but neways thats my experience.hope this helps good luck

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    What kind of paint for fiberglass?

    **I have finished the FB repairs on my boat, and just have to sand the hull and paint it. Right now it has some exterior housepaint on it, over what looks like the original paint or gelcoat.
    *How far down do I need to sand- just the house paint or into the gelcoat? Ecept for some trailer marks on the bottom and my repair spots, the gelcoat layer seems to be pretty good.
    *Then what kinda paint do I use. My plan was to sand down to the gelcoat and use spray paint to paint it camo. Will spray paint stick well on the gel coat in the water? That urban blue camo will hide my rattle-can paintjob and look pretty nice on my new trout-boat.
    *Its upside-down on the trailer in the garage. After this weekend it will be painted and flipped back over by wednsday and by next weekend Ill be working on the carpet. That should take about a day. Then its just mounting everything back in there like the FF and DR and rodholders and such. Itll be back in service by the time I get my sundays back in march, ready to fish.
    *I already have everything to finish, including carpet and glue. Only need to get the paint. It came with and I already had all the gadjets. As of right now Im into it for $684.28. Thats not bad considering I also still have to transfer it to my namewhich shouldnt be too much.It will be a nice fishing boat when its done.



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