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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    Nice looking sled Tortuga, congrats!

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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    We went to look at it because of price and bought it because we love the boat. It is less stable than our old tri-hull but it is a lot better than our old 15' Meyers aluminum!!!. The 70 and 9.9 on the back makes it a little rear heavy but not enough to worry about. The tilt/trim takes cares of the plane....this thing can fly. It is light enough we can tow it with Froggie's Santa Fe SUV (6 cyl) and the 4 strokes just don't use any gas. It has lots of room but is only 17' and it can float in like 20-24" of water. I'm not even gonna talk about the 4 Elec Scotties and the CD
    player or the live well. We are still stopping to look at it when we walk by a window in the house that looks out on it. It looks like a different boat every time I put up a different top (it has like 5 set ups from bimini to full enclosure with a door) and we are still just in awe!!! I have had some problems keeping the kicker running at a real low idle..(to troll 1.2) It just doesn't like the idle that slow! I found where the guy I bought it from drill out the plug over the mixture screw...guess I'll play with that tomorrow?

    Here are a couple of pics so people can recognize us on the lake.

    Tight lines


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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    Congrats on the boat. I have the same model. Honestly, I only bought it because it was all I could afford. But It had everything I wanted, walk thorugh windsheild, fully welded, right size. I think these boats are a great value.

    The one downside I have found is that the boat is very sensitive to shifts in weight. In other words, If I'm cruising at full speed (30 mph) and my buddy leans over to say something to me, the boat starts to veer off to the right quickly. Likewise, if someone gets up to move to the passenger side, it veers to the left quickly. It's not a huge deal but it's enough to keep the boat operator on his toes. I've set some serious rules about not moving when the boats on a plane.

    The boat has been great so far though, and I've found it to be pretty variable as far as using it in the lake, river or bays.

    Good luck at melones.

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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    Congratulations, you should have a well built boat there. It should give you loads of fun.

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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    Well, Tortuga & I drove to Fresno today to look at the Valco...WOW!! It was fully loaded, cuz the owner's son owns a boat dealership. Thanks for all the info and we drove home with it. Gonna be out on Melones tomorrow morning.
    Froggie [smiley=cheerleader.gif]

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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    I had a 15' WestCoaster Widebody and I thought it was a great fishing boat. Before I purchased my Alumaweld Talon (15') I was looking at the walk-through model and I thought it was a very nice boat. If you can get that boat at a good price I would jump on it. A new Alumaweld, NorthRiver, or FishRite would put you in the 20K range (without all extras).


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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    Yes it is a welded version and is the 01 model. I thought it looked a lot like a Klamath.

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    Re: Valco/Westcoaster?

    Valco was bought out by Klamath about then, I believe the Westcoaster was Valco's welded version. I haven't herd anything bad about them at all.

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    I'm looking to buy an aluminum fishing boat and have found a 17' totally loaded Valco/Westcoaster at a pretty good price. I'm not really familiar with Valco and am interested in other Sniffer's opinions. It has all of the gear(4 electric riggers, vhf, finder, 4stroke suzukis 70 and 9.9 hp, bimini, full top and cover...) but I am curious about Valco. They haven't been made since 2002 as far as I can tell.
    What do you think?


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