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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    Because of some personal health problems, my boat with a 115 Merc two stroke sat in my garage for four months this year (Dec-March). Tank was filled with 89 octane gas. No Stabil. I worried that it might not start or run well when I finally got it into the water, but it started and ran fine and it has run well since. In other years the motor has sat for two months or so without being used, without any problems. I always keep the tank full or near full.

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    I have the same problem with my little 3.3 HP motor. I mix a gallon in a can and it can last for many months before it gets used up. I worry about it but always seem to start.

    My question is when you finally give up and figure the gas is bad what do you do with it. I have 2 gallons left from my other motor that is a different mixture and I don't know what to do with it. My motor takes about 1/8 gallon so I don't want to pour it in there. Anyone with a bigger boat tank want to stop by I will pour it in. mix 25/1. ;D

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    There is nothing wrong with mixing different octane levels but some motors actually dont run good on the high octane stuff. I buy my 110 and 114 from Bay Are Oils in Bencia 5 gallons at a time for $47 I asked him what the shelf life is and he said five years no prob. I mix the 5 gallons with three gallons of 91 so I can make it to Infineon get 6-8 passes and make it home with a little left. The exhaust also smells different too.

    I think you will be fine. I Just bought a truck that had been sitting for five years with a half tank. I replaced the timing chain and drove it 22 highway miles to my home then filled it up it was a chevy TBI motor.

    good luck will

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    i put a white string into the fuel to see if there was gunk and stuff in it and when i pull it out, it looked good. nothing brown was stuck on it so i went ahead and started it up. it did start and i reved it a couple of time to see it anything else would happen. nada so it seem like the gas will be good for me to use up this weekend.

    i also put in my kicker motor and it doesnt want to start up. i had it for like a year now and finally installed it. it is an electric start so when i turn the key the starter would spin the flywheel but it would not start. and when i was doing that i didn't notice that i put the water hose thing on the wrong holes on the motor. i put it on top of the holes where the propeller is and not the one on the side of it. will be cause an issue? i tried to start it a couple time like that until i notice that it was in the wrong holes.

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    somehow this thread is about to go to around the camp fire: ie; dumb things I sould have thought about first.

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    I work with a co. that has been testing a fuel additive. In their tests on gas the additives (the stuff the refineries put in) will seperate out in less than a week if I remember correctly. Once seperated there is no amount of shaking that will get them to mix. Still burns though.

    I use my boat fairly often but because the lakes are so small it never really burns much gas. In fact up until March I hadn't put gas in the boat since August. I did put stabil in though and haven't had any problems with starting or running the boat.

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    The flash point in gas gas can start to change in as little as a week, I've heard that some pre mix oil acts as a fuel stabilizer, read the lables

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    Stabil doesn't increase your octane, so you have to put it in right away for it to work. Also, it doesn't make your gas last forever. It might be interesting to do a burn test on several aged cans of gas with and without stabil to see how well it works.

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    Re: how long before gasoline goes bad?

    My father-in law flew in a WWII plane last weekend and the family went to watch, we notice the self serve air fuel was $4.49 gallon. Stabil is under 10 bucks. I would go with Stabil.


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