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    Re: Electric trolling motor to outboard connection

    I use the $28 motor connector rod sold by Cabela's and Sportsman's Warehouse for both my kicker and transom mount trolling motor. I just clamped a galvanized L to the trolling motor shaft to hold the ball joint. It works fine and is easily disconnected (all inside the transom).

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    Re: Electric trolling motor to outboard connection

    GVF -

    Thanks for the input! Most times I wouldn't mind getting a little wet, hell I have to get wet to launch since most places I fish don't have a ramp let alone a dock!!

    I got a PM suggesting that I simply lock the trolling motor in place and steer with the outboard. I'm going to give that a shot next time I head out If I have enough clearance between the two.

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    Re: Electric trolling motor to outboard connection

    Some time ago I drilled holes in the cavitation plates on my two out boards and used a rod bent at both ends to connect them.Worked fine but you had to get wet to place it or remove it,fine for summer months. I re-engineered it and now it connects at the steering cable of the main motor and I fashioned a bracket on my 7.5 to connect. If you could make something that is in the boat to connect them,something you can install ,un-install quickly you might be better off IMO.

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    Electric trolling motor to outboard connection

    I was trying to think of a way to connect my electric trolling motor to my outboard because when I am trolling in rougher water sitting the back of the boat the water line is only a few inches from coming over the transom (Im a bigger guy). Also if I could sit in the front and steer my trolling motor with the steering wheel the bow would sit lower and help prevent the wind from pushing the bow around a little bit.

    My idea is to attach a piece of 1x2 or 2x2 to the shaft of the trolling motor with a u bolt, then placing a bolt through an existing hole in the cavitation plate where the trolling place used to attach. I would then dill a hole in the other end of the 1x2 or 2x2 so when I lower the trolling motor down, the hole in the wood connector slides on the bolt.

    Do you think this would work? Would the bolt sticking up create an excess amount of vibration when running at cruising speed, or create a loss of performance?

    Here is a crude drawing of the idea:

    Thanks for any suggestions!!



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