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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    Congrats on the boat. Post a pic of it when you get a chance. I love living vicariously through you guys but it is tough when I don't have a picture of your boats One of these days I will be able to afford one of these beauts.

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    Jax.. Congratulations on your new boat !! I have a 06 18' NR Seahawk that I pick up in May.. I have the 140 Suzuki ... I really intiated this boat since I took ownership !! lake, bay, ocean, delta... i can't wait to hit the water this weekend ;D ;D

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    I have the 17'10" Mariner. The boat is great in the shallow water and the river. When you get on bodies of water with large waves, like tahoe, the delta in many spots and any large lake in the wind, it will pound like hell.

    The Seahawk is a much better boat for the delta and lakes like Tahoe. With the deeper V hull and the higher sides, you rock less and cut through the water with a much smoother ride. You might want to look at the Bayhawk as well. Looks like a Seahawk without the offshore bracket.

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    I beach my 19' Seahawk with I/O ALL the time. Even it's rocky I'll bring it in just raise the outdrive. I've been in water so shallow that I've had to get out and push it. No big deal. Congradulations on the boat btw.

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    Good choice!! Who did you get it from?

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    well I got my boat. I changed my mind and got the seahawk instead of the mariner based on how choppy a ride the mariner was. I got a 18' seahawk with a 115 yammy, 8hp yammy kicker with a second throttle for the kicker. The good news is that I got an amazing deal because it was an 06 model and the 07 model is changing (a little bigger with hydraulic steering) the bad news is that by the time I pick it up this season will be coming to a close.
    I wont be able to run small rivers but I was wondering are these boats easy to beach or is that not recommended.
    thanks everyone for the insight.

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    Quote Originally Posted by jax
    Now regarding a mariner. *the 19 is too big for me as I will mostly be with 1 or 2 people on the boat. *But now if I put a 115 yammy prop on the 17'10'' mariner will it be able to handle any chop? 6 inches? a foot? or will the ride be pretty much hell.
    Unfortunatly NorthRiver no longer makes the 17'10" Mariner. Mariners only come in 19' for 2007

    The Bayhawk comes in 17'5" and 19'6"

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    All I can say is, if you can wait till next year when they closeout 2006/2007 models...you can save A LOT of money. Oh, and ask to see what cost is and offer to pay only a few hundered over or your walking. BTW, always look at the ads in the fishsniffer magazine, all these dealerships always offer specials that they don't advertise when you walk in.

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    The beauty of Sac River marine is...you can test drive both models. Don't buy till you drive.

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    Re: north river 18seahawk vs mariner

    I grew up fishing the ocean out of a 17' Boston Whaler.... there is a boat that pounds hard!

    The Mariner is not that bad, mine has a throttle, when it gets rough I go slower. The 19' rides better than the 17' model. I have owned both. There is no difference in the speed between the two, but there is a difference in the ride. I don't know why but that is the way it seems to me.

    If you were sticking to flat water a 90hp would be OK @ lower elevations, but if you are buying new spend the money and get the horsepower. As far as going out in the ocean, I would go on a flat day but not without another boat along. Northern California is nothing like the ocean in Southern California, we fished the ocean in a 14' Glasspar and one time sailed a 16' Hobie Cat to Catalina. That would get you killed off of Shelter Cove.


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