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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    The new Tracker aluminums are welded and gauranteed for life. They have nice paint jobs too. The one I saw had a 40 on the back and the whole package was around $12,000. All the aluminum storage boxes are there. I have tweeked with this Whaler Sport with plywood but now it is getting heavier (aluminum boxes are lighter). The old style plank seating uses a strong ridge and it makes it easy to put decks on those side ridges. However, get into something that did not have plank seating and the ridges are not going to be there. You are right. Whalers have the front deck with trolling motor and seat, but in the back? Oh oh. No rear deck for a partner. So I get your drift. Great for the weekend. Not so great for serious tourny play. I have found a solution. Just keep buying special boats and push them farther and farther into the backyard. I do like the aluminum Trackers.

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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    Boston whaler, wasn't designed for the tournament bass fisherman in mind. A tounament Bass guy, wants a different platform, front and back, to fish off. *As the previous post mentioned, live wells necessary, and good ones. *
    Dead fish, no score!!! *
    best wishes and fishes.

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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    Watertrip, A Whaler will make a good basic fishing platform for bass. I've fished out of friend's Whalers for bass. If you are going to fish bass tournaments, then you'll need to add a livewell. All bass tournaments I know of require livewells on any boat entered in the tournament. For convenience and ease of fishing it'd be a good idea to add an electric bow mount motor to the front and a pedestal seat to sit/lean on while controlling the electric motor on the front deck.. Larry

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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    Thank you. *Whalers are cool because they can be versatile. *They have ski/swim packages: means a swim platform in the back, a tow bar and an outboard that is the maximum size rating.

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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    I know lots of folks who fish for bass out of their Whalers, from the tiny 13 footer up to the 17' Montauk. The friend who owns the 13 footer has it permanently rigged as a bassboat (permanently rigged trolling motor, pedestal butt seat on the casting platform, and aerator). Another friend with a 17 footer has his casting platform mounted with a removable pedestal seat and removable MinnKota trolling motor--he leaves those off for rockfishing/salmon trolling/misc. saltwater duties. Lots of guys in the SF area use their Whalers for both fresh and saltwater duty...

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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    I am not getting very many answers about a 16 foot Dauntless Whaler being a good bass boat. I do not think I am willing to risk buying it.

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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    I will have to use a 24 volt system or whatever moves it around. I am glad to hear that. I know that a boat only feels akward if the trolling motor is too small.

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    Re: Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    If you can mount an electric motor which is a must for bass fishing,it should be fine.

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    Boston Whaler a good bass boat?

    I want to buy a 16 foot Boston Whaler Dauntless because my wife wants a comfortable boat. However, I will have to sell my little Whaler Sport that is a great shallow water bass boat. I am a bit new at bass fishing tournaments and would like to fish them in a club some day. Will a 16 foot Dauntless that draws 11 inches with no motor be useful as a bass boat?



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