Never heard of it? That's because it doen't yet exist, and do to Gubament bureaucracy it may be years before it is built, if it ever is

A month after California voters approved more than $4 billion to overhaul the state's water system, a Mid-Valley lawmaker has launched a bill that could steer some of the money toward a long-planned reservoir in Colusa County.

Assemblyman Doug La Malfa introduced AB 41, which calls for using some revenue from the bond sales voters authorized through Proposition 1E to expand California's water storage capacity through new reservoirs.

The bill suggests that one of them be placed in Sites, a hamlet 10 miles west of Maxwell where various reservoir projects have been discussed for nearly half a century.

“AB 41 will make sure that bond dollars are used as intended toward these projects and (emphasize) that storage is an important component,” La Malfa, R-Richvale, said Wednesday.

One of two proposed reservoirs mentioned in the bill, the Sites project includes two 300-foot dams, a pumping station and a pipeline or canal to the Sacramento River about 15 miles east. The reservoir would capture a portion of the Sacramento's peak flow in wet months, then release water during the dry season to be pumped south.

La Malfa said the reservoir - projected to hold up to 1.8 million acre-feet - could help head off water shortages that could reach 6.2 million acre-feet in drought conditions by 2020, according to state estimates. An acre-foot equals 325,851 gallons, enough to supply a family of four for a year.

The Department of Water Resources has conducted environmental surveys at Sites since 2000, speeding the way toward the environmental impact report needed before work can begin.

Estimated costs for the Sites reservoir are between $1.3 billion and $2.4 billion, depending on whether canals or pipelines carrying water to and from the reservoir are included.

Although I will admit the Gov. did build Los Vaqueros Reservoir in a relatively fast timeframe, not a fan of the restrictions on the lake though

I couldn't find any info. of what if any kinds of fish would be stocked...