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    Re: canning smoked kokanee or salmon

    I do it a lot for fall salmon.

    Couple of pointers:

    1. Brine it with less salt than usual (or just brine for less time).

    2. Smoke it for less time than usual, the canning process brings more smoke and salt flavors out of the smoked fish. I usually will smoke a fish for 5 hours, but only 1.5 hours if I'm gonna can it.

    3. Pack the fish into jars and try to eliminate air and leave about an inch or a half inch of headspace.

    4. Can it according to the directions with your canner.

    5. Enjoy! Canned salmon is great with pasta, or just with crackers. The bones are edible since they are turned to soft mush.


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    canning smoked kokanee or salmon

    I have read reports on canning smoked fish. I have smoked cured and caned both kokanee and salmon but not combining the two procedures. please anyone have any advise and/or recipe for this doing this??



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