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    Re: Squid as Striper bait

    Tried using it B4 but only nibbles, mayB catfish or crayfish....what ever we don't use we just BBQ it....LOL...

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    Re: Squid as Striper bait

    i have considered using cut strips of squid as a trailer on jigheads for stripers..... thoughts?

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    Re: Squid as Striper bait

    I was at cost less food not 5 days ago and this guy ahead of me had a box of frozen calamari, i asked him if he was going to cook them or go fishing. He said he was going fishing to hogan lake and he had good success for cats and striper on the squid, from the bank. I didnt think anything more of it until i saw your post. For what it is worth.... And again i dont have any pictures to back me up... HA

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    Squid as Striper bait

    Anyone use squid for striper bait? seem to work good?



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