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Thread: Shinn pond

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    Hook Re: Shinn pond

    there is a place in niles called mikeys deli.buy some nightcrawlers from there.throw them down in the middle of the downed tree.i saw a guy catch at least 4 bass that way and they werent small bass but he kept them to eat. i caught a bullhead on nightcrawlers under thet tree in the evening...iv also caught 3 bass using chartreuse mini jigs under that tree.there is alot of crawdads in there

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    Re: Shinn pond

    Fish on!!!!!! What up everyone just wanted to jump in and drop bait ... Lol... I've been to Shinn for cats and bass .. I have hooked some baby bass ... And hooked three cats within 30 min... Good times ... This was about 1 month ago... And I will continue to fish it because I know my Lunker is coming .... Well see ya guys there ... If you r out there look for me ill be the guy with the ...big Fish .. lol... Game care everyone ... And rember there coming ... Fish on.....

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    Re: Shinn pond

    I went to shinn last night. In the pond behind shinn theres tons of largemouth fry, very active. I also spotted a few a few bluegill, after probing the small pond structure on small jigs and texas worms,with no luck. we went to shinn and tossed in anchovie, chx liver, clams. Best results with the liver. Caught two small fish witch i belive to have been carp, not sure though. overall i would go back its worth a shot escpecially if you live 8 miles away like me

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    Re: Shinn pond

    Shinn pond is in fremont, the way I get there is go south on niles rd past the nursery and take the first right after the nursery I think the name of the street is hillveiw or something like that. then take a left on school road you will pass a comunity center and there is a parking lot just after that. From there you can see the first pond take the cement path to the right it goes behind the comunity center walk about 200 yards and you'll see shinn pond

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    Re: Shinn pond

    Where in Fremont is Shinn pond?

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    Re: Shinn pond

    I know there are catfish still in Shinn. And my son last year causght a bass. Funny story last summer wife and son I were fishing in the evening for cats. WIfe threw her line out put her pole on the ground to get the tackle box to sit on. All of the sudden it starts moving toward sthe water. I stopped it and she had about a 5lber on the line.
    She re baited with garlic marshmellows and does the same thing as she forgot the tackle box. This time the pole took off like a rocket could not stop it. So somewhere there is a pole at the bottom of the pond.

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    Re: Shinn pond

    I fished there before but only caught small bass and bluegill. One time I did see a school of carp in the 3-5lb range swiming arround.

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    Re: Shinn pond

    By the sound of it that place is fished out, when I fished there you never got skunked. I guess the DFG stoped stocking it.

    *I understand thay made a Regional or City Park out of that area includeing all of those quarrys in tha area. Thay stock different fish in the different quarrys. Trout, Bass, Cats. Alameda Creek *had regular trout plants back ..... wait that was in 82 .. thats what? 24.. man, I'm getting old now wonder that place IS fished out.

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    Re: Shinn pond

    I take my lab swimming at Shinn pond often and I have fished it only a couple of times. Have caught 0, nada, nothing. I know that there are fish in there but have never seen anyone catch anything other than a small blue gill or crappie and that is rare.
    I believe that that area does close at night but I don't know what time. I would be careful if you fish those ponds at night as there are numerous homeless, low lifes and other strange 2 legged critters that hang out there after dark.

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    Re: Shinn pond


    Is an EBRPD fishing permit required for that lake?


    EDIT: I found the answer to my own questions. Not permit required.


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