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Thread: Striper Video

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    Re: Striper Video

    Great video. But, I couldn't help but thinking the guy looked like Cliff Claven from Cheers.

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    Re: Striper Video

    that "fishingline" site got me so excited last year before I went to the east coast around thanksgiving. when I got there the weather sucked ??? but nevertheless that site helped a lot end up buying those gummy shad and dingers instead ;D anybody know of west coast version? I found calfishing.com but nothing on stripers.

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    Re: Striper Video

    more videos awesome thanks ;D

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    Re: Striper Video

    Thanks for posting those links fish hunter,I really liked the surf fishing one.

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    Re: Striper Video

    Here's some more striper videos for those of you that want to learn new striper methods.


    This one is for those striper surf guys. Pencil Poppers. 8)

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    Re: Striper Video

    that video was very nice to watch. I never caught a striper on top water but now i think i want too ;D

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    Re: Striper Video

    fish hunter,
    Thanks for posting the video link. If you have or find more, please post them. I haven't got one on topwater yet, but from reading Lumpy's posts, there is nothing more thrilling.

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    Re: Striper Video

    Thanks for the clip! Now I want to go Stiper fishing. But, even more, I want to learn how to topwater fish on the American!

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    Re: Striper Video

    great CLIP KEEP IT UP


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