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    Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    Half Moon Bay harbor includes the "Princeton Pier". It is about 15miles south of SF on highway 1.

    Lots of area to fish and crab from, but don't expect too many dungenous crabs. The harbor used to have many and you could rent skiffs and crab them along the breakwater. Now, few and smaller ones only inside the harbor. Better luck if you venture outside to drop your pots.

    Have fun. I think the season starts in June. I actually thought it was still open, but maybe not from the comments.

    Although rock fishing from boats closes later this year, it is open all year long on the public piers. Fish every day if you like.


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    Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    Dungeness crab season is closed this time of year.
    Most bait shops can outfit you.
    Don't know where that pier is located?

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    Smile Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    Where is the Princeton Pier located Id like to do some ceabbing. Where do I get crabbingsupplies?W

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    Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    Half moon bay, i think!

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    Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    where is Princeton pier? .. did a look online and couldn't seem to find it?

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    Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    Pacifica Pier and the Princeton Pier are the only local public places where you can keep Dungeness crabs & do not need a state fishing license. I personally like to eat the large Red Crabs. The meat is sweet and contains alot of body meat also. Maybe using your inflatable and placing crabnets inside of the Princeton jettys is what you are looking for.

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    Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    You cannot keep any dungeness crabs east of the golden gate, the entire SF bay is a sanctuary. Also if you look at the signs on the posts near that pier your will see pictures and diagrams of what is legal and illegal down there, as well as pictures on how to measure your crabs. You are better off getting out of the bay and finding another place to get crabs.

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    Re: Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    You need a standard fishing license from the state first of all. Secondly they may be illegal depending on where you were exactly on the bay. 90% i would say of the bay is a commercial crabbing only area.
    Go to your local tackle shop and pick up a marine fishing regulation book. they are free. It will tell you where and how large etc..

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    Crabbing in San Francisco pier

    On Saturday, I went to San Francisco to pick up my uncle from the Airport with my finance. On our way to the Airport, we decided to stop by one of the Pier below the Golden Gate bridge. It was a beautiful day. We were there for a little more then an hour. We managed to catch 5 crabs. Two of them were red rock crab and the other were big Dungeon Crab (the one they sell in store). *We were so excited with our catch but we didnt know if it was legal for us to keep the Dungeon Crab. It was our first time crabbing so I asked one of the guy from the pier and he said it was illegal to keep Dungeon crabs when crabbing from a pier. We ended up throwing our crabs back. Upon reading the forum in Fishsniffer, I noticed a lot of fellow Fishsniffer go crabbing for Dungeon Crab. So Im wondering if it is legal to keep Dungeon crab? What are the regulations and what kind of licenses or special stickers you would need to catch them? Do I need to be on a boat to be able to keep them. Im thinking of bringing my inflatable boat next time. I have a regular 1 year fishing license with a delta stamp. We are planning to go again next weekend. Any help would greatly appreciate. *



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