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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    Lots of carp in that lake i know that for sure but i remember hearing the same thing about the pollution. My neighbor use to fish that lake frequently. If your looking for a good variety you could try Niles canyon park or i think that what is was called??? My memory is a little foggy considering i haven't lived there for 15 years.. Anyway me and my dad use to catch all variety of fish and TONS of good size crawdads from some rock quarries up there.

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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    Melo Trauma, that makes sense. And I bet that pond doesn't get fished that much either. I think we used to call that pond "the third pond." Funny about the campus police, we used to get tossed out of there by "security guards," actually some guy in a tractor/golfcart type of vehicle. Man, we'd see him coming and we'd run back down the hill. He must have thought it was funny too. Good memory. *

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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    ^^^ Hey Matt, there still is big bass in there... I used to go to Ohlone College and me and my friend would sneak back there after our night class was over and fish. We would hook up with bass and huge catfish as well. The fun ended when we got cited for trespassing one night by campus police.

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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    If memory serves me right, when first envisioned, Lake Elizabeth was supposed to be an all recreational city park, with swimming, biking, fishing, etc.

    As for the fishing part, the lake was stocked with trout on a regular basis, but only for a time. I believe the stocking started in the '70's, possibly late '60's, and ended sometime in the early '80's. I've never gotten a factual reason why the stocking program ended.

    We grew up in Mission San Jose, and as for bass, we used to hike up to the ponds where Ohlone College now sits. They had some big bass in those ponds back then.

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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    As a kid there was a body of water behind the Fremont BART station that someone once told me was Lake Elizabeth's spillover and there were fish in there. Anyway, me and my friend went back in there with our rods and hooked HUUUGE lunker size bass on BeetleSpins all day. We went back that whole summer and had a great day every time out.

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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    The lake was called Stivers Lagoon and was a well fed water spot for years. Under it's inception it was to be more than it is today. As with taxes go in California it goes to State Employee's Union. I never understood how it works but the largest employer is the State. Any day you have a day off on the state you have no traffic on the roads. GO FIGURE......Jetspray
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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    That lake for the most part has only carp. I doubt that there are any bass or other pan fish left in it. Possibly an ocassional catfish but even that I doubt. They use to plant a few trout each year for a kids fishing derby but the ones that arnt caught die shortly thereafter. It is a very shallow dirty lake. I personally would not eat anything that came out of that lake. If you are in to carp I have seen a couple of pretty good sized ones get caught there.
    I use to take my lab there to swim but I had a park ranger tell me that the water is quite polluted and he advised me not to let my dog go in - I took his advice.

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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    My dad grew up right around the corner and he said he used to catch tons of bass out of there I don't know if it is any good now as that was 40 yrs ago :-/

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    Re: Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    It is occasionally stocked and there are some catfish, bluegill, and a few trout. There are the same rules about license's and some postings on rules at the main lake launch area. Mostly old folks lake like the lake in Newark though.....Jetspray
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    Lake elizabeth in Fremont?

    My brothers walked our dog today and they said they spotted like ten people fishing there. I know there are carp in this lake but is there anything else worth trying for?



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