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    Re: How To Catch Mud Sucker..?

    I used to trap them in Elkhorn Slough which was pretty awesome. Anyways the best thing to use is a minnow trap. Just bait it with catfood and walla. they walk right in. I dont know what the regs are on it in the delta. I used to take mine to Oneil and San Luis. No more $1 a piece gobies for me. It probably ended up costing me about $6 a piece but then again I would have missed all that fun of gettin em. This is how I fished em. 36 inch leader on a live bait hook to a barrel swivel then bead then egg sinker. Bait caster reel on "free spool" after being cast out. Then take a rubber band and tie it around the top cork. Take a small loop of your line and run it under. They pick it up and take off then stop. When they go again you then give them the stop signal and the fight pursues.
    Tightlines ;D ;D 8)

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    Re: How To Catch Mud Sucker..?

    not good with directions I just drive or try to read map most spot I find are from friends or just fill tank and road trip it :P going out fri not sure if going to sherman Island or trout at amador

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    Re: How To Catch Mud Sucker..?

    FISHON991 Do you know how to get to inland drive its of highway4 going west before you get to whisky slough i always go there and catch my mud suckers i like to use red worms with a small hook with a spit shot about 15inch away from the hook

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    Re: How To Catch Mud Sucker..?

    Use mini crawlers threaded onto a #8 lazer sharp. You'll get um

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    Re: How To Catch Mud Sucker..?

    Try fishing on the bottom in rocky areas in the Delta (rip rap especially) with pile worms. Mud suckers, gobies, sculpins are all pretty much the same with gobies being the preferred bait for stripers (and twenties being the same for strippers...or so I'm told). Hook them behind the dorsal fin (the bait of course) and make shallow incisions horizonally down the sides so they give off more sent. Don't set the hook when they pick up the bait, let them run with it. Usually they will stop after a couple of yards and swallow the bait.

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    Re: How To Catch Mud Sucker..?

    are you sure ??? or did you want bull heads mudsuckers sculpin these fish look kinda like better bait I here the docks below stockton you can catch all you need mudsuckers light line small hook small bait *8) even sun fish are better bait sorry ive been drinkin :P

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    How To Catch Mud Sucker..?

    I always wanted to learn how to catch mud suckers from the delta... Can anyone help out??? Thanks



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