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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    I saw some guys buying some at elkhorn bait about a year or so ago

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    Yep, its something like that however the one I saw actualy just bent the pole down and used the upward motion of it snapping back into place to set the hook. That one looks like it uses a spring to snap it up and set the hook. It looks pretty good though.

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    Here is a direct link to them

    It looks pretty cool. ;D

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    Lightnin' Strike Rod Holder
    Never worry about trying to get your rod out of the holder and set the hook without spooking the fish again. The spring-loaded Lightnin' Strike works with a pivoting trigger to snap back and send the hook home when the fish bites. Solid machined aircraft-grade aluminum holds up to the strongest bruisers and lasts for years in adverse conditions. Perfect for use with a dead stick or other times when you can't manage all your rods at once. Simply adjust the thumb-screw for sensitivity, lock the trigger in place and drop your lure in the water. Easily mounted on a boat and adaptable for the shoreline with the optional accessories.
    Lightin' Strike
    Half Rack Mount - fits two rod holders
    T-Bone Base Mount - fits four rod holders
    Sand Spike - for use on sandy shorelines
    Go to http://www.cabelas.com.......On home page, click on ''fishing'' , then on ''rod holders''

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    I have seen what you are talking about up on the Klamath Lake in Oregon. The bank fisherman would use them while soaking minnows for big trout in the fall/winter. One old gentleman had them rigged to the front of his pickup so he and his fishing partner could sit inside and watch their rods. I don't remember where they got them but I will ask some old friends to see what they can find out.

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    Well I agree with you, it is fun and probibly the best part. However if I'm catfishing and I notice that I'm starting to doze off at around 3am, I wouldn't mind putting my pole on auto pilot.

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    I saw a guy selling those at the sportsman show about 10yrs ago.He made them and was trying to market them himself.I guess it never took off.I've never seen them since.To me the hook set is the best part of bait fishing.Why would you want a machine to do it for you?

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    I see guys bank for fishing sturgeon using home-made versions, looks like they use a garage door spring :-[.

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    Re: Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    I thought Ron Popeil of the Ronco pocket fisherman fame made a rod holder like you describe back in the 70s. But I have not seen one for many years ???

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    Spring Loaded Rod Holders

    A few years ago when I was living in San Jose, I went to fish at Parkway lake. While waiting for fish to come in I noticed a few guys next to me that had specal rod holders which automaticly set the hook for them. They took they're poles and bent them and then rigged it on this specal holder so that it would stay bent. When a fish would give the tug it would spring the rod holder like a mouse trap and snap the pole back up automaticly setting the hook. The only other place I've seen them is in Illinois when I visited that a quite some time but I've never seen them since. Has anyone seen anything like this and does anyone know where I could fine any?



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