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    Re: treble hooks in stocked lakes

    Well handled. It would have been great if you put on a single hook and caught one right in front of that guy. Then you could of told him that it doesnt matter what kind of hook you use, its all about the fishing skill. Some guys just seem to get bitter when others are catching and theyre not.

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    Re: treble hooks in stocked lakes

    Sounds like you handled it well considering.

    This story reminds me of when I was a kid out catching crawdads. I was walking a ditch and gathering them as I went when a guy came out of a nearby house and said I was stealing his crawdads. This ditch runs through the town and none of it's on private property. Sure enough, he took my 'dads and dumped them in a bucket in his yard. I never retaliated against that moron because what goes around comes around.

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    Re: treble hooks in stocked lakes

    James great story,forget the haters,fish on Bro,an Kudos to your lovely wife for going to bat for you....Don

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    Re: treble hooks in stocked lakes

    next time if u go to the same lake and if u see the man again, tell u old f ---. i am right and u are wrong. Smile back

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    Re: treble hooks in stocked lakes

    the man is totally wrong. However there are some private lakes in SoCal that dont allow it due to the mortality tae of using them. However the law does allow it in all other lakes. If you plan to release fish using a single hook would be easier, but feel free to use them all you want no matter that lake, especially if your planning to keep your fish.
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    Re: treble hooks in stocked lakes

    Not a lake that I can think of that you can't use trebles in unless its a C&R only lake. In which case you wouldn't be allowed to use bait either. Just to be sure check the regs for teh specific lake you were fishing. Most likely the guy was wrong.

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    treble hooks in stocked lakes

    a couple of weeks ago on one of my ventures out on the lake. i was approached by a man who after seeing me reel in 2 trout within 5 minutes of eachother stumbled over and asked, "what are you using to catch the trout?" i smiled and responded "i'm using a small size 12 treble hook with a nightcrawler, 2 powereggs, and powerbait." at that moment he said " you can't use treble hooks in lakes that stock trout." ????? i was dumbfounded. here i thought i always played by the rules. i don't know what prompted the man to come over to give me a hard time about it. i responded with, "are treble hooks not permitted on lakes that stock trout? so you mean to tell me, i can't use a kastmaster being it comes stock with a treble? better yet, any lure that has a treble? no trebles at all?" the man tells me "where i'm from, san jose, treble hooks are prohibited"

    smh, was i right or was i wrong?? who is this guy??

    i asked my wife to walk up to the marina to ask the personnel if trebles were permitted on trout stocked lakes, better yet this one. the irate man goes back over to his rod and waits. i myself, still smh, do the same. now he has me upset. 10 minutes later, my wife comes down from the marina and walks over to the man and says "hey, they said it was ok. i asked the lady at the front if we could use treble hooks and the lady said "you can use both single and trebles, you're alright honey."" the irate man shakes his head and says "i believe you... i mean, where i'm from we can't use trebles." my wife fakes a smile and walks back over to me. my soldier she is =).

    on our leave 2 hours later, everyone fishing around us waved bye and we wished them luck. for the irate fellow, he kept a mute. i looked over to him and thought, "it's not my fault you're not catchin" poor guy, no manners at all. no offense to anyone from san jose, but the man can go back to fishin' his san jose no treble hook allowed stocked trout lake.
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