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    Puerto Vallarta charter question

    I'd PM that guy!
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    Re: Puerto Vallarta charter question

    Just came back from PV about 10 days ago, got some quality time with Nacho fishing on superpanga "La Bamba".

    Not as much for super trophies (apparently marlin, cow tuna, are more of october fest) but went out as far as 40-50 miles off shore to find fish. Most importantly, Nacho is a fishing addict himself, so we'd find fish all the time. If you decide to go with him, please PM, I'll get you details. I brought a few coolers back with frozen vacuum sealed fillets)

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    Re: Puerto Vallarta charter question

    I know in Cabo we were able to book through our hotel and they would try to match people up as best they could.


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    Re: Puerto Vallarta charter question

    i went on a few years back in may or june. The water was murky and the captain said we would be better off fishing the bay - WRONG. I should have shore fished instead or told him to take us out farther to take our chances. Beware of lots of scams - fishy fishing stories etc.
    I paired up with some folks from the hotel and had a good time. The catching was a different story though.

    Good Luck and catch the big one!

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    Puerto Vallarta charter question

    Ill be in puerto vallarta/punta perula jan 3-13, really wanting to do a deap sea trip while I am in the Vallarta area. Does anyone know if people are "matched up" for deep sea trips? I am looking for a good charter, but dont want to front all the cash for just myself.



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