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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    lol...funny, i went last weekend and i saw a big ol' bass. atleast 4 lbs. me n my girlfriend and her brothers were catching crawdad's at the end of the of the pond where the bench is and a tree looms over it. when all of a sudden i see a cloud of dust in the water and i go "hrmm...what's that?" the sucker swims into a little light and it's HUGE! i mean bigger then anything i've seen come out of that pond. it was long and fat and i'm guessin it just had a meal of crawdad. so i stopped goin for crawdads n went for bass. my girlfriends brother caught a dink 9" bass but other then that nothing else. oh and we did get a bucket full of crawdad..i'd say atleast 30+ crawdads all in the same spot.

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    DO NOT GO TO WILLIAM LAND PARK... hahaha, just went this past weekend and the water temperature is WAYYYYY too hot... there are still some very very very very very (i think you get the idea) small bluegill's in the bigger pond but the smaller pond seems to have nothing left in it other than a bunch of crawdads... stayed for about 2 hrs and only caught 3 dinky little bluegills... >

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    i've pulled out some really big catfish out of the bigger pond too... but i've been to lazy to head out there to get them again... but the bass at the smaller pond are on average about 5-9" from what i've caught before... and the last time i was there i also managed to amuze myself with catching crawdads... let me know how it goes...

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    the smaller pond is VERY small. takes probably 5 minutes to walk around the entire pond and the water is very shallow...about 1ft to 1 1/2 ft deep. the main structure is the island. the bigger bass hang around the island and the smaller bass hang around the edges of the pond. even though the pond doesn't get as much pressure as the bigger one it still gets alot of fishing pressure. but if u're going for bluegill, use waxworms or shrimp. why shrimp? i don't know. n if u want catfish try the bigger pond, the state white catfish record was pulled outta that bad boy.

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    what road is it on? How big is the smaller pond? What are some defining features there at the smaller pond?

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    i've tried fishing both and both do produce bluegill. but i like fishing the smaller pond with the island because there isn't as much fishing pressure as the bigger one because of the trout plants. there's also some dinky bass in the smaller pond too.

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    you can try william land park in South Sac if you dont want to drive out to mather and arden ponds... william land park has two ponds and the further back one with the little island in the middle has some bluegills in them...

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    definitely, much thanks to ya tadams on the directions.

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    thanks for the directions.

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    Re: where to fish in sacramento

    Arden pond/ William B pond is located at the end of Arden Way. If you take Watt ave exit head North to Fair Oaks Blvd turn right. Follow Fair Oaks to Arden Way, turn right go to the end and you'll see the entrance to the park. As for Mather pond, head east on 50 take the Sunrise Blvd exit head south. Turn right on Douglas Rd. Then take a left on Eagles Nest rd entrance will be on your left


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