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    Okuma Nomad Inshore Travel Rod

    I don't own one but have looked at them before and the few things I didn't like was the size and the 5 piece setup. I guess it would be good for charters but 7 ft doesn't have the cast ability that I like on shore and the multiple pieces effect it's feel and strength.
    Now I wish I could haul around big ol' one piece rod but I can't, its just the 7 feet and the four connector pieces + 1 extra tip (for different types of fish or fishing) that concerns me.
    I am just starting to explore light tackle options for shore based angling and have found that a med/hvy 9-10 ft two-piece rod w/ spin or bait reel with 12-15lb capacity works good. I have also found that its not the rod/ reel mainly but the rig and weight that makes the difference.
    ***Wait*** Did I just say its not the type of rod, but how you work it??? Haha

    It just depends on where and what you want to fish~

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    Okuma Nomad Inshore Travel Rod

    Has anyone tried this rod or have any additional knowledge they can share?



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