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    Re: Fort Baker pier

    Naw, its a sad day when pile worms, grass and mussels don't get you bit. What were you going for anyhows?

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    Re: Fort Baker pier

    That's a tough day of fishing, especially with a group of kids. Did you have any problems with snags? My friend fished the area several weeks ago and said that they were having problems with getting hung up on almost every cast. He said they did not fish out towards the end of the jetty, but fished mainly on the east end of the jetty. It is a sad day when anchovies and squid don't get you bit. Better luck next time.

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    Fort Baker pier

    Just came back from takin the Patterson High Fishin Club to the fort baker pier. Tried calamari, chovies for bait for zero bites and used everything as bait in some crab snares and hoop nets for not a single crab!!! Usually we get some crabs when we don't want them but now that we tried for some we get nothin! At least we had a nice view and a good time



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