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    Re: Fishing near Santa Maria & Pismo?

    Thanks for the info
    Tight lines!!!!

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    Re: Fishing near Santa Maria & Pismo?

    I forget what street, but there's a cemetery on 1 at Guadalupe that's easy to spot that you turn west on that goes to the beach gate (it's free, though) in a couple miles through the farms. I imagine there are 'access' signs as well, but the bone yard is a good landmark.

    By the way, at Avila you can either fish the town pier, which is my favorite, or the commercial pier at the end of the road. The research pier in the middle is off limits, but you can scramble down the rocks on the left at LOW tide and fish the kelp/rocks as well. Be careful of rogue waves down there.

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    Re: Fishing near Santa Maria & Pismo?

    W Main St to get to Guadalupe Beach?

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    Re: Fishing near Santa Maria & Pismo?

    Thanks for the tip, Los alamos raised the rate of there weekly stay from 200 to 400 at a crappy motel lol so all be staying in Santa Maria now. I took 101 when leaving Oxnard and was gunna stop at at gaviota beach but missed the exit. And a few miles later I was in Los alamos than Santa Maria. I noticed the pier when I was leaving I guess it's close to Avila beach. From the highway it looked like it had a lot of kelp or salad lol and thought I would lose my light gear out there and since I was driving back home I didn't want to be mad lol. But in a few days I will be headed to Santa Maria and look forward to Guadalupe beach after work and maybe Avila or the piers on my days off. Thanks again all post my results

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    Re: Fishing near Santa Maria & Pismo?

    I was visiting SM this weekend and found some perch in the surf at Guadalupe beach (only 20 min away off 1). Wish I had known about that beach before. There are plenty of small sand crabs, but grubs worked ok. The sand beach is steep in some places, so things get churned up nicely close in. I also hit Avila pier and saw whales within a couple hundred feet, but not sure what they were after. Didn't mark any bait that day. There's usually small corbina at the end of the pier, but it's even further than Pismo from SM.

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    Fishing near Santa Maria & Pismo?

    All be headed that way for work. And was wondering if there are any spots to fish the ocean closer to Santa Maria than driving to Pismo. I was thinking of staying in Los Alamos while there?



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