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    Re: 2012 Sacramento river salmon counts

    Fron the DFW website:

    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) invites the public to attend its upcoming annual salmon status update and outlook meeting. Possible seasons for 2013 California ocean and river salmon fisheries will be discussed.
    This year’s meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Sonoma County Water Agency, 404 Aviation Blvd. in Santa Rosa.
    The meeting will provide the latest information on California salmon escapement in 2012 and the outlook for sport and commercial ocean salmon fisheries during the coming season. The public is encouraged to provide input to a panel of California salmon scientists, managers and representatives, many of whom will be directly involved in the upcoming Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) meetings in March and April.
    Salmon fishing seasons are developed through a collaborative regulatory process involving the PFMC, the California Fish and Game Commission and the National Marine Fisheries Service. The input will help California representatives negotiate a broad range of season alternatives during the PFMC March 6-11 meeting in Tacoma, Wash.
    The 2013 Salmon Information Meeting marks the beginning of the two-month long public management and regulatory process used to establish this year’s sport and commercial ocean salmon fishing seasons. A list of additional meetings and other opportunities for public comment is available on the ocean salmon webpage, Salmon Preseason Process.
    The meeting agenda and handouts will also be posted online as soon as they are finalized
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    Re: 2012 Sacramento river salmon counts

    Final official reports are probably not ready for release.

    Here is a couple evaluations. I think returning salmon numbers on the Sac are hard to track because spawning is so spread out.
    Sharp rise in the number of wild salmon in the Sacramento River » Redding Record Searchlight

    A fishsniffer article by Dan Bacher on 2012 Feather river salmon
    Sorry got this link mixed up, correct link now

    Overall good news for both Feather and Sac, and from the reports here the American had a good run in 2012
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    2012 Sacramento river salmon counts

    Has anybody heard the final tally of how many salmon came back in 2012? Also curious about the American and feather rivers...



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