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    Re: Shanghai Bend 07/28/2013 - 2 in the boat

    nice fish guys

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    Shanghai Bend 07/28/2013 - 2 in the boat

    Got lines in the water jigging around 5:30am close to 8am. Nada so I decided to anchor and switch over to kwikfish again to see if I'll be lucky like last time. Within 10mins my friend got his first hookup ever on the kwikfish. He didn't even know and thought it was snagged on the bottom until I yelled at him it was fish on. Luckily the fish was hooked this time. Within a couple minutes his line was almost out so be pulled anchor and chased. We almost lost the fish because he was just using a bass setup. Turned out to be a nice 25lber chrome turning pink.

    Came back and anchor up again. Within 20 minutes I got a hookup. Nice chromer at 18lbs.

    Sat until 10am for nada and left.

    Another friend came in town and really wanted to go so I headed back out in the evening to catch nothing. Saw saw jump but no hits or anything on the kwikfish.

    Bottom picture was after the fish had been bled for a couple hours already.


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