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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    Quote Originally Posted by freon
    What is an ez slider?
    Yeah, what IS an ez slider?? :-?

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    What is an ez slider?

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    It's actually pretty simple once you've tried it. Depending on where I fish really sets the standard for how much weight I'm going to be using. Now, the problem here is when your weight is on the bottom, your tip stops moving. Your rod tip is pretty much an indicator whether or not that lure is working as it should be. Finding the bottom is pretty easy, basically, in order to work the bottom, you first need to learn how to feel the difference between having too much weight where you lift up the rod, and the current doesn't take your weight anywhere, all the way to not having enough weight and it never making any contact with the bottom. The appropriate weight should sit on the bottom, but, when lifted, should flow hop on down according to how much line you let out. In a way, the spreader method is less work and easier to grasp...but the slider method is what puts fish in my boat...plus...let's just say 9 out of 10 guides who work the river that way can't be wrong.

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    annon-pro......how much weight do you typically use with that EZ slider to make sure it's on the bottom? I prefer only 1 oz with a wire spreader, maybe 2 if fishing a deep hole with a k-14. I'll give your method a try when I'm on the river tomorrow but I'm skeptical that you can be sure that you're on the bottom unless you use a lot of weight. With a wire spreader , the action on the rod tip will stop when I'm on the bottom. Then I just reel a little line in until the action comes back and pretty soon........FISH ON for Little Hooky!!!!

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    Since you're a "pro", can you precisely explain to me how you know exactly where your weight is when you're using that EZ slider? :

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hooky_Time
    Fishing in a boat and at anchor, an EZ slider will prevent the k-fish from pulling your weight downriver...
    Exactly, when you hook it up to an EZ slider, you are in control of where you want to position your weight, the only way you'll be drifting your weight downstream is if you backbounce it. Here is when the EZ slider has it's advantage, it allows you to basically know where that sinker is sitting at all times. It really allows you to almost mount that sinker anywhere you want on the river bottom without the problem of the lure pulling the weight from it's desired location. Also, if you notice, with the EZ setup, you'll see better defined lure action in your rod tip. But Wolf, remember, all of this is just user pref. There's no right or wrong way to fish it, it's just whatever's most comfortable to you. The spreader setup is a little easier for novice fisherman, but once you get the backbouncing technique down, you'll be able to bounce that little k15 right in the face of that chrome beauty.

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    Fishing in a boat and at anchor, an EZ slider will prevent the k-fish from pulling your weight downriver and on the bottom, which is where you want it to be ideally. *This is why I prefer a wire spreader.

    I only use an EZ slider when k-fishing from shore where I have to cast anyhow.

    30# mono works fine on a jigmaster with a decent drag. *We never have to release from anchor with this setup and nine year old Little Hooky can wrestle 'em with this outfit.

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    It's not a good idea to use a wire spreader when fishing kwikfish nor flatfish. First things first, even if you're fishing the setup appropriately, if you're not running a rod with decent backbone and running braid, then it's going to be a long day. I prefer using a Lamiglas X80 MBC "pro bouncer" rod along with 65lb. power pro. When running a kwikfish (flatfish) setup, you can fish it two ways. You can either backbounce it, or backtroll it. Backtrolling is going to require no contact with the bottom - therefore you would use a Jet Diver. Backbouncing (or anchor fishing) a kwikfish will require a little more tackle. Run your main line through a T-Bead (helps prevent weeds and moss from fouling up your swivel) to an EZ Slider (at which you'll be attaching your dropper line to your weight) then finally, placing 1 bead before and 1 bead after your bumper stop (a bumper stop can be anything from surgical tubing to a piece of windshield washer tubing - it just helps to lessen the abuse you're knots are going to take) then finally, add your swivel. Now for the fun stuff =), run a 5 ft 30 - 40lb. leader to your kwikfish (flatfish) and your set. Now for the high-tech mumbo jumbo, tune your kwikfish (flatfish), if you're running a K13, there's no setup required, they're generally tuned pretty good, anything K14 or M2 and up in size requires proper tuning. Make sure your setup is running true and straight BEFORE putting any bait on? So you're wondering...bait? I'm gonna introduce you to some killer bait combo's that put me into limits almost everytime I'm out fishing. The night before you go out, buy the freshest sardines possible. Fillet them and put them in a zip lock bag the night before in the frig. to defrost in a mid to light coating of fresh borax. When you wake up in the morning to take them out, they'll be nice a fresh, a little bit more tough, and oozing with scent. I can fish a wrap for an hour and still see a smoke trail. If the bites not happenin', i like to use "monster bite", it's a mix of amino acids which really does the trick when salmon are in "lock jaw" mode. It's made by pro-cure. While you're at the bait shop, you might as well pick up some krill scent as well. Salmon looooooooooove this stuff - no joke. Hope I helped a little. Also, be creative, salmon fishing is all about creativity - good luck, see ya out on the river sometime!

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?


    Joe T's description is pretty close to what most people are doing on the Sacramento... If you want a little more information on Kwikfish... try Googling "Salmon Fishing Tips" and look for articles from people that fish on Rivers in the Northwest... ie. Oregon, Washington, and Alaska... the methods are almost the exact same... I found some pretty good advice there... Then also, there used to be a bulletin posted on the Luhr-Jensen website. (they manufacture the Kwikfish) that gave very detailed instructions on how to fish Kwikfish... It looks like the link is down currently.. but go there anyway and at least look at all of the lures they produce for freshwater salmon/steelhead.

    On the Sacramento River, below the city of Sacramento down to Isleton, most people troll for Salmon.... They use a special local lure called a Silvertron or another spinner lure the Blue fox... These have very large blades that throw off quite a bit of vibration... This is what catches most of the salmon on the lower Sac... Check the website at Bob's Bait shop in Isleton for more tips and info... Even better is to go there and talk to Can... he will give you day to day advice on what to use and where to go...

    The last method is jigging, which I know a lot of people do on the Sac right near Discovery Park... You should know that it is illegal to keep a fish that is not hooked in the mouth, so if you snag a salmon you have to return it...

    Best of luck!!!

    I will be out as soon as the water cools a little more.

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    Re: Kwikfish? Flatfish?

    wolf, Im no expert, but I'll try to help you. Get some of those wire spreader things. tie it on your main line. Tie on about 3' of leader and your sardine wrapped K 15 or K16, to the top of the sreader. then tie about 1'leader and a 1 to 3 oz weight( depending on current flow) to the bottom of the spreader. If thats not clear let me know I'll try to post a pic for you.
    You want to probably start out just anchoring, then just drop your rig over the side. Let out line til you feel your weight hit bottom, then you should feel your plug really working in the current. I like to let it work for a while in one spot, then bounce it down by lifting the rod tip and letting out a little line. Just make sure you stay in contact with the bottom, and you can feel you plug working.


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