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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    I found out about plunking while up in Washington State last year while Pink Salmon fishing in Puget Sound. An angler fishing next to me told me about how he fished for "Springers" (Spring Run Salmon) in the Columbia by plunking from the bank. I am curious to see if it would work up here too, and have considered trying it.

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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    I use the same set up anchored as I do back trolling. Three way with a 12 inch light line to the weight and 24-30 inches of florocarbon to the Kfish. Would be the same with a spinner but I'd lenghten the weight line.

    By the way, about Colusa, its generally Kfish, below spinners rule. If you ever figure out why let us know.
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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    Thanks guys for the info. I've got my plan for shore plunking but I decided to investigate anchor plunking from a boat.

    I bought a book, ILLUSTRATED RIGGING FOR SALMON, STEELHEAD, AND TROUT, by Robert Campbell (an Amato Publications book). It's seems to have every variation you can imagine, mainly popular ones for the large rivers, bays, and ocean farther north. I decided to start off by trying a setup using a sinker slide. (Pg. 87) Cabelas has some new Sea Striker sinker slides that are braid proof. I did a Google search of "spreader vs. sinker slide" and these boys in Oregon seemed to like the sinker slide better. (The main reasons were that the spreaders can get hung up in the net and if you missed with the net and got the ball hung up the fish could run out while you got the ball unhooked.)

    This is all new for me so I'm going to try each variation and see how it differs. (FresnoJack..those T Turn swivels look like the cadillac of 3-way swivels.)

    3 days to go!


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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    I have been using the T-Turn 3-way swivel. They can spin in all directions and are pretty much tangle free.

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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    The method of casting out a weight with a stop and sending a lure or baitfish out on a slider type rig is popular in Hawaii when surf fishing and going after Ulua. The trick is all about the angle as mentioned in the previous posts. That method is sound upon the condition of proper rigging. I used this method once and did not get a chance to practice more, I was on vacation and had to go home, lets us know how you did this sounds fun.

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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    The angle on the kwifish is the same as if it were from a boat, the difference being that your maniline is close to 90 degrees to it instead of being inline with it.

    I've seen people use split shot as a stop, which I don't recommend as it may/will weaken the line. Also when you use a shorter leader and stop the weight can cause more problems then a leader without a stop which is drawn down to the weight putting it in line with you and away from the fish.
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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    Trial and error it is

    I've ran the setup out of a boat... But from shore it's going to a learning experience.

    My only concern is the diving action of the flatfish with an angled line. FUZZ and i are on the same page... Maybe i will practice with spinners first.

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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    Fuzz I never thought about the velcro. I know some plugs come with "felt" or something like it to put scent on. I am getting excited about the season too. Kind of reminds me of waiting for deer season when I was a kid. I swapped the lower end out on my motor and took it for a test run from from Garcia Bend Park to up above the American River and then back down to the Freeport Bridge this morning. Water was sure nice.

    As I said before my river salmon experience is very limited. I did go to thing at Sportsman's Warehouse a couple of weeks ago and Kevin Brock was talking about the season and tactics. One thing he stressed was using heavy line. He kept saying that salmon are not leader shy and with heavy enough line you end up getting most of your plugs back. He uses 65# braid for main line and 40# leader for both plugs and spinners. I am pretty sure he said when he fishes Alaska he uses 100# braid. His setup for plugs was pretty much the same as redneckpunks. I know he always fishes out of a boat but I would guess it would be about the same setup off the bank.

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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    Here's the basics of the plunking rig. Important to be sure the leader on the sinker is strong enough to hold up when thrown out and with current on 2 lures but light weight enough to break off easily in a snag situation



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    Re: salmon plunking from shore .....

    I was digging through my salmon info and found a Sniffer post from 6/19/2002. Here it is:

    "I use a proven method for bank fishing. Have some 20lb or better mainline. To this tie on a barrel swivel with a short leader to a heavy sinker. Have a bead threaded on above the barrel swivel. Now have a flatfish with a 2-4 ft. leader tied to it with a snap swivel by itself. Cast the mainline and sinker and let the sinker set up on the bottom. Now take your flatfish leader and clip it onto the mainline and let it slide down the mainline in the current. Eventually it will meet with the bead at the swivel. This takes some practice, and needs to be done in a current, and trail and error does come into play. Last year from the bank caught nice fish with this Spiderman (my son calls it) method. Good Luck, FISEAN"

    FISEAN mentioned that the previous year he caught around 100 salmon but only kept a few, so he knows what he's doing. This is the same method Shot Gun is using and sound like the way to go if you have room. All I need to know is how long that leader should be from the swivel to the sinker, which would be determined by the angle of your line into the water and whether your lure wants to dive. I'll start with the longest leader I can throw.



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