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    Re: Middle Grounds Sunday

    Thanks for a great report and even greater pictures. What a beautiful stack of chromers. Kudos to the fishing lady, and yes, I believe they always catch the biggest fish and the most.

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    Re: Middle Grounds Sunday

    Quote Originally Posted by dennis l View Post
    Way to score, really nice fish. The person with the mask? playing hooky from work and hiding his face?? Glad your lady caught the Biggest slug.
    Thanks Man.. no buddy wasnt playing hooky, he just likes to take all his fish pictures with the Nacho Libre mask, think its a facebook thing or sumthin..

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    Re: Middle Grounds Sunday

    Way to score, really nice fish. The person with the mask? playing hooky from work and hiding his face?? Glad your lady caught the Biggest slug.

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    Middle Grounds Sunday

    Ran out with DecibelRebel, Pootie Teng and little Miss Brenda, launching Oyster Point around 6:30am and made our way to the Middle Grounds where the plan was to start off mooching.

    Found a spot that was holding some bait and just out of the way of the fleet. Dropped our mooching rigs down with high hopes but after two hours of only scratched baits I made the call to start the dreaded trolling.

    I knew the fish were in the area with the scratches so we trolled right around our drift tracks. I figured we would try and get the party boat / schooled baits under the boat effect so we ran all clear FBR's down about 40', two on the DR's (Except Rebel with a few Balls at fist) and two on planers in the back with orange snubbers (a must!).

    About 10 minutes trolling and little Miss Brenda's pole goes off so I grab it, knew it was a good one since it started off peeling lot's of line so I yell at one of the guys to wake her up out of the cabin. She is passed out dreaming of big salmon but quickly wakes up from a dead sleep, crawls out of the sleeping bag, throws on her boots, stumbles out of the cabin, looks around for her coffee but then I quickly hand the pole off to her. We cleared all the rest of the lines and the battle was on for her. It's the light pole with 10 lb test, she's still new at this and I thought it would be a miracle if we land this thing. 15 minutes later my petite little gal cry's uncle due to arm fatigue and hands the pole off to Bryon. I'm like wtf? and tell her to take the pole back and finish it off. The fish kept trying to go under the boat and just then my shift linkage decided to fail! Anyway I was able to pop it forward a few times to steer her line clear of the outdrive and we finally get it to net, onto the deck and its the big fish of the day around 24lbs.

    Lines back in and we had constant action until I called it around 4pm. We ended with 5 in the box 15 - 24lbs and dropped about just as many.

    Good fishing out the gate right now with slugs all around, time is now...


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