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    Re: Season?

    I always start about this time of year if I fishing Alameda, some of the local guys have started working them pretty hard....watermelons all the way up to Ponies n Stripers, I like chucking rubber baits about this time in the estuary Hogy's or a Slug-Go in ghost color

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    Re: Season?

    I catch quality stripers year round here in the north bay, got 5 keeprs other day

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    Re: Season?

    There are already stripers that have come into the bay, but they have not come in numbers yet. I'd wait about a month before starting fishing for them in your area as your chances will go way up, but it would still be considered early in the season even if you waited a month. My favorite time is May and June for halibut and striped bass in the SF Bay - they are the hottest months IMHO. July and August is a good time to target surf stripers. Then in September and October there's a fall run in the SF Bay before they return to the delta. If you're gonna try fishing for stripers this early, I would try San Pablo Bay, the Delta, or Napa/Sonoma county rivers instead of the SF Bay. Good luck! I'm no expert though, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
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    Re: Season?

    the normal bay estuary fishery begins as the bass run back down river after spawning , usually starting around beginning of june thru fall when they head back up to the delta.But the bait in the bay is the iffy part.

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    Fish Season?

    Can anyone tell me what the seasons are for stripers? I remember it being something like feb-march and fall. Can someone confirm that?

    FYI I'll be fishing around Alameda so MLK Shoreline to the rockpoint or whatever it's called.



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