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  1. Re: Reel & Rod, Your Recommendation Will be Appreciated!

    There are so many great suggestions on this thread. I’m just getting into the whole fishing thing and I know that a good rod is definitely the place to start the process.I’ll be using some of these...
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    Re: Clamming in Tomales and Bodega

    Was going to start my own post about clamming in this thread, but then saw this one. I’m posting here so that I can see some replies in case anyone does happen to have experience with it. I hope you...
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    Suggestions for Gear?

    I’m thinking about going up to Alaska to try some salmon fishing for the first time. I’ve got a lot of my own gear from fishing for trout and bass here at home, but I know that salmon is another...
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    Re: Newbie to Bass

    Wow, this thread is awesome! I’ve been looking at fishing boards trying to find this exact information, and here’s a whole thread of it!Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and what sorts of...
  5. Re: Who's been saltwater fly fishing? The Tropics

    The tropics seem like a really cool place to go in order to enjoy fly fishing. I never thought about doing it in the ocean before. Is the experience a lot different? Is there anything that you need...
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    Man Made Fishing Lakes

    If you wanted to build a man made lake for fishing on say a property like this:

  7. Thread: Beer

    by leomatthewadams

    Re: Beer

    Ever since I got older I had to cut out hard alcohol and wine but I still can enjoy a few beers every now and again! Right now anything from Ballast Point Brewing Company are my go to's. What's...
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    Re: Stanislaus River Info Wanted

    The trail that follows the Middle Fork Stanislaus River between Beardsley Afterbay and Sand Bar Flat Campground, covering a distance over four miles I heard is great for sight Trout fishing. People...
  9. Re: 2013 14 Crestliner with 2014 20 HP Mercury - $4500

    Where is the boat located? How much would it cost to ship to California?
  10. Re: Ken Burns documentary Country Music

    When I lived in Texas as a kid I saw so many amazing country acts. Once I moved to California it was mostly just rock and rap. I miss those younger days in Texas hunting and fishing near George...
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    Re: mojarras fritas

    The spices they use for this dish are usually pretty simple so you could easily make your own rub. It could be:

    garlic salt
    cracked ground pepper
    pink Himalayan sea salt

    That should be a...
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