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    Camanche: 2/4/2020 One Piggie!!!

    Lake Camanche
    Grubs Open Water
    1.5 - 1.6 GPS
    Big fish was 9 Pounds 2 Ounces

    Robbie (Koke Machine)...
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    Re: A Beautiful Friday at Topaz.

    Great Day for sure!!! Love the Photo's!!!
  3. Lake Amador: 1/25/20 Trying so new stuff out!!!

    Launched at 7:00am and started my troll, right out of the launch ramp. First pass, fish on!!! Second pass, fish on. Then i looked up to see a parade of Boats. 30+ boats and Kayaks. Trolled the...
  4. Re: Topaz Friday. Very cold, trout sluggish.

    Looks like a great day to me!!! Thanks for the great Photo's.... Robbie
  5. Re: Lake Camanche: Not 1 Piggy, but 2 Piggies 12/26/19

    Jetspray: Thank You for the kind words. I know it tough to give out places on the water as it can be tough for my self sometimes. But Really, those trout are all over the Lake. The Narrows is not...
  6. Re: Lake Camanche: Not 1 Piggy, but 2 Piggies 12/26/19

    All Good Jetspray: Hope you have an Awesome New Years!!!

    Folsomtroller22: YES, they do get bigger. My Biggest at Lake Camanche is 14lbs... Lake record is 19lbs.

  7. Lake Camanche: Not 1 Piggy, but 2 Piggies 12/26/19

    Sorry for the Photo, as i took this picture off my Computer Screen... I forgot my Camera this morning...
    10.8 lbs & 8.1 lbs were the two Big Fish... Grubs & Speedy Shiners - Fish are really...
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    Re: Braided Line Help

    I will never use braid for trout or kokanee!!! I want some stretch!!! I have been using mono all my life. Not Broke, don't fix it... I even use it for the Big River Salmon, No issues at all... My...
  9. Camanche: 12/6/19 Bite is still pretty good

    Grubs / Speedy Shiners - Open Water & Narrows Area. Smelly Jelly Kokanee Feast Scent - Big Fish was 7 Pounds 3 Ounces - Robbie (Koke Machine)...
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    Re: Local Pond with a New Camera.

    2 Thumbs Up - C. C. :clap:
  11. Lake Camanche: Fishing Great!!! 11/19/19

    Speedy Shiners / Open Water / Big Hat / Little Hat / Dam Area... 2.6 to 2.9 GPS Just Keep moving around... They are Their!!!

    10 by 12:00 Biggest was 7.2lbs and two were 3 1/2lbs ...
  12. Re: Lake Camanche 11/15/19 Bite is getting Better

    Ken: The Lightening Trout are the same fish. Just a different color. (Yellow Gold)... Taste the same and fight the same. Just remember they are ONLY in the South Shore Pond, NOT the main Lake. ...
  13. Re: Lake Camanche 11/15/19 Bite is getting Better

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Don't know why, hit the like button and they all came up Dislike. Stupid Computers... Robbie
  14. Lake Camanche 11/15/19 Bite is getting Better

    Today I had my Second Parents (John and Diana) with me. We headed up to Camanche for some Trout Trolling. Wasn't long and we had one in the box. Worked Open Water and Narrows for there 10 fish...
  15. Thread: Ntac

    by Koke Machine83

    Re: Ntac

    Congrats!!!! That is Awesome and Lucky too!!! Robbie
  16. Re: Lake Pardee 10/26/19 Trout Bite Steady!!!

    Thanks to everyone for the Kind words. Yes, there were two pairs of Eagles that morning. It was so Awesome. Just wished i couldve got better photo's. Taking them in a moving boat is a...
  17. Lake Pardee 10/26/19 Trout Bite Steady!!!

    Worked the North Arm and River Arm for 5 Lassen Rainbows. Lost 2 & Released 2 Dinky Kokanee... Speedy Shiners @ 2.8 to 2.9 GPS

    Robbie (Koke Machine Guide Service)... ...
  18. Re: East Carson 10/25. Cold, Clear and Fishy.

    Very Very Nice!!!! Nice Photo's and Fish Too!!! Congrats Guys!!! Robbie
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    Re: Purple Heart Silvertron w hook?

    That is a pin to put on the bill of your HAT!!!
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    Re: Camanche Skunk Report

    Ldubs: Fall is the toughest time to fish for Camanche Trout. They are there, just scattered. As the water cools, they will start the journey back up to the surface. I have caught them at shallow...
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    Trolling with Four Rods!!!!

    I have been with those that troll 4 rods, I have seen lots of Videos of guys trolling 4 rods. So what i'm getting at is: It seams just about every time, its the outside rods that get hit. Anyone...
  22. Re: In case you wanted to be entertained by children

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    Re: Clarksburg 10/11/19

    Great Looking Fish Mike!!! Congrats my Friend!!!
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    Re: First Salmon trip of the year 10/2/19

    SteelyMan: BEST Reply all year!!! Thank You!!! I needed a Laugh!!! Robbie
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    First Salmon trip of the year 10/2/19

    Sacramento River. Hooked 4 Salmon today. Landed 3 Lost the other at the Boat. Big Time Head Shakes. Fish are there, just have to get out there and keep those Spinners in the Water... 14.2 - 14.6 -...
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