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  1. American River Steelhead Season Off to Tough Start for Most

      The opening of the steelhead season in the upper section of the American River in Sacramento County was slow for most, but some experienced shore anglers fishing below the Nimbus Fish Hatchery...
  2. Update: Bureau of Reclamation Slashes American River Flows at a Critical Time for Sal

    The American River below Nimbus Fish Hatchery on the opening day of steelhead season, January 1, 2020. Photo by Dan Bacher. **   The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation issued an order on January 10 to reduce...
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    Re: Geez, where is everyone?

    I hope the NSA liked my pic of the big king I landed on Oroville last week.

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    Re: Geez, where is everyone?

    It is really nothing like this format. Facebook is real names and real people. Someone posts something, and others respond. There is a FishSniffer page, but itís not contained in individual...
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    Re: Geez, where is everyone?

    I unbanned Don years ago, he just chose not to come back. I have also never made any attempt to stop him from posting under his other aliases since then.

    I donít see the forums being turned off...
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    Re: Geez, where is everyone?

    I know you guys donít want to hear this, but the Sniffer has 11,000+ FB followers, 4000+ IG followers, and Cal and I just hit 10,000 YouTube subscribers on our channel. There are robust...
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    Re: Geez, where is everyone?

    Iím here. Itís no secret that web forums are a thing of the past. This is basically two decade old social media. Itís time has come and gone. We keep it on life support, but donít expect an influx...
  8. Newsom Administration Officially Begins Delta Tunnel Planning with ‘Notice of Prepara

    Drawing strong criticism*from salmon advocates and environmentalists and*praise from water agencies and agribusiness, the Gavin Newsom Administration on January 15 formally began the*planning process...
  9. Newsom’s Delta Tunnel Planning Moves Full Speed Ahead

    The California*Department of Water Resources (DWR)*is moving full-speed ahead with its campaign to build the controversial single tunnel under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, as demonstrated...
  10. Salmon Advocates Respond to Reclamation Plan to Cut Flows on American River

    On Friday, January 10, Peggy L. Manza,, issued an order to reduce water releases on the American River below Nimbus Dam from 2,500 cfs to 2,000 cfs at a time when fall Chinook salmon...
  11. Zero Delta Smelt Found in CDFW Fall Midwater Trawl Survey Two Years in a Row

    The Delta smelt, once the most abundant species on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, continues its long slide towards extinction. For the second year in a row, the CDFW in its annual fall...
  12. Good Numbers of Salmon, Steelhead Return Again to Mokelumne River Fish Hatchery

    Hundreds of steelhead are showing at the Mokelumne River Fish Hatchery this season. Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish Sniffer Staff.* Large numbers of fall-run Chinook salmon have returned to the Mokelumne...
  13. Commission Postpones Adoption of Delta Fisheries Management and Striped Bass Policies

    Dr. David Ostrach, Science Advisor for Allied Fishing Groups & Northern California Guides and Sportsmenís Association, speaks before the California Fish and Game Commission in Sacramento on December...
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    I Caught My First Sturgeon!

    By Stacy Barawed My cousin Michael and I had reserved spots aboard the Gatecrasher well ahead of sturgeon season. Our Sunday finally came, and we met at the Pittsburg Marina, wide-eyed and toting...
  15. Rollins Lake Offers Great Spotted Bass, Bluegill and Crappie Fishing

    Michael Allen shows off a couple of scrappy spotted bass typical of those that dominate the black bass fishery at Rollins now.*Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish Sniffer Staff.   Like many reservoirs in...
  16. Bass Angler Catches New Lake Record Crappie at New Melones

      Josh Parris of San Andreas caught and released this 3.47-pound crappie, a new lake record, at New Melones Lake on November 15. Photo courtesy of JOSH PARRIS GUIDE SERVICE, San Andreas.* ANGELS CAMP...
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    Re: Magazine Trout

    It does look kind of odd.

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  18. Attend Fish and Game Commission Meeting Dec. 11 to Save the Striped Bass Fishery!

    Roger Mammon, President of the California Striped Bass Association (CSBA) West Delta Chapter, testifies at the California Fish and Game Commission meeting in Sacramento on August 7, 2019. Photo by...
  19. King Salmon Surge Into Nimbus Fish Hatchery on American River

    RANCHO CORDOVA Ė This has been a slow year for salmon fishing on the American River. Very few anglers are still fishing in the section of river open to fishing from the SMUD powerline at the...
  20. Rounding Up Crabs & Rockfish Aboard The Happy Hooker!

    By Stacy Barawed Iíd been wanting to book a trip with Captain Jonathon Smith and his crew for a while now, so when an opening became available on Sundayís rockfish and crab combo on the Happy Hooker,...
  21. Governor Newsom Continues Jerry Brown’s Pro-Big Ag and Anti-Fish Policies

    R.I.P. Robert Light, the Delta cartoonist whose Rio Life was published regularly in the Rio Vista River News, recently passed away. He spoke truth to power. He predicted exactly what would happen...
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    Exploring For Sierra Trout!

    By Kevin Hofer When the leaves begin to change, the days get shorter, nights get cooler this is my cue to get the kayak up to the Sierras before the snow comes and closes it off for the winter. Iíve...
  23. A 5 Pound Slump Buster At Collins Lake!

    By Cal Kellogg If you are a serious angler, getting skunked from time to time is part of the game, but you donít have to like it! A few weeks back I attended the Norcal Anglerís Challenge Trout...
  24. PG&E spends $1.3 million lobbying in one quarter after spending $10 million in 2018

    The PG&E shutoffs of power to over 2 million people in recent weeks, including those of Fish Sniffer staff, readers and advertisers, have made our lives very difficult in northern and central...
  25. California plans to sue over federal water plan, but DWR releases E.I.S. that increas

    New state water plan would increase water exports*by 373,000 acre feet per year on average The Gavin Newsom Administration on November 21 announced two separate but related actions*that will have a...
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