Fished Fruitvale pier area and shoreline this morning. (Tuesday 9:30 to 12:30ish incoming tide - raining)
I fish around here throughout the year, whatever will hit my bait I fish for I'm not really picky.
This spot is special to me because my friend owned the last house on the water here. about 50 yards down from this pier and I remember great fishing days drinking beers on the green lawn chairs and catching sharks, batrays, stripers and perch from his rickety private dock. Unfortunately a lot of time has passed and a lot of this area has changed, his house on the water is now gone and the only thing that remains to remind me of it are the broken concrete stairs we pushed into the water and 2 cut off pilings that we couldnt remove. Damn I feel old.

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*notice of the gravel point in the picture, see the water ripping off of it?

Fv pier: The place is trashy as usual, I mean what do you expect? There isnt even a trashcan on the pier and jean jean the crazy machine who lives under the walkway isnt helping anymore to help to keep it clean either. The nearest trashcan is at the top of the walkway on the sidewalk placed so the sanitation guy doesnt have to walk down the ramp while blocking traffic to retrieve the pier trash. just seems so stupid not to have a trashcan and a line disposal bin here.

For me fishing this place is:
incoming tide fish the south-east side
outgoing and slack tide drive a few blocks over and fish the north-west riprap along the bay trail.

south side: 3/8oz - 1/2oz swimbaits
north side: 1/2oz - 3/4oz swimbaits or pointers
This is just what works for me. YMMV

This is how I fish swimbaits here and at most bridges with fast current. YMMV
I basically fan cast into the eddy created from the bridge pilings and let the bait drop down and get swept into the deeper channel.
Read the water
, I cant emphasize this more. Look how the water is ripping off the points, you'll see some shinier water 10-20 yards out of the point, the eddy of the bridge pilings and then the choppy rip water on the sides of the deep channel. You want your bait to tumble in the rip wash. Dont reel in slack if anything let more line out to get deeper just watch your line, if it shoots down current its too high in the column, You need to adjust your cast more 'upstream' Think of it more like centerpinning for steelhead/salmon except this is a lot easier.
You want the swimbait to tumble down into the trough (while paying attention to the bait or the line stopping)if you dont get bit through the tumble then when the line goes sort of straight-ish downstream don't reel yet. just slowly drag (slowly) your swimbait up the gravel bank. The water is rushing past your bait so you dont need much rod movement because the tail is already flapping around at a high rate of speed. A couple of pops work well and then take in the slack some and leave it for a couple of second. Think wounded or confused bait stuck in the rip they go low and hug the edges trying to find an eddy.
NOTE: The lighter swimbaits work the best for this type of moving water because they dont stick on rocks nor dig into the mud-n-seaweed and they actually mimic a struggling baitfish. I dont use heavy lures here. You can try it though. If youre a bait guy then use live shiners or smelt do the drift under a weight and bobber but walk the whole point to the tailout side and keep freespooling line, the stripers that are around will smash them. Rainy days are the best in places like this. No knuckle heads out to spoil your fun. (Cast in the red dots and drift on the black dots. Arrows show the basic water direction) Was getting bit around the 4-8 black dot right to left or on the drag up the bank. I try to feel the swimtail flutter and pay attention to the rod tip. the bite is subtle but noticeable.

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some pics of the spot, can you read the water?
Pic 1: gravel point

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Pic 2: The trough and ending eddy tailout. Bigger fish are down there but its hard to get a swimbait in position out there. need live bait on bobber.

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Better pic of trough and slick water tailout.

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Yadda Yadda and so it began.

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They are all pretty fat. They were all around the same size (22"-24")

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Had to get a pic with the pier location of course.

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Tide was moving in on me and the fish were moving as well. My vanishing gravel point.

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packed up my gear and walked up.

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Went up on the pier and checked out the view. oh look someone left their trash..

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uhgg.. always makes me want to take a pressure washer and blast the place down.

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