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    Re: Weekend River Report: 5/10/14 San Joaquin River

    Nice detailed report! Man I wish I had a bow fishing setup to get some of those bigguns! Thanks for the report. I'm sure you'll get them next time.


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    Weekend River Report: 5/10/14 San Joaquin River

    Well decided to fish on Saturday thinking the water ways and parks would be busy on Sunday due to the Holiday. I ended up going south of Patterson on the San Joaquin river, a couple of miles upstream from my last report. I ended up taking shad, anchovies and corn for bait. I parked close to a levy near the road and walked about 3-4 km downstream to a nice spot and worked the area with different baits and locations. Targeted rip rap, downed timber/snags, river bends and various points and cuts. When an area wasn't productive I continued moving downriver until about late in the evening when I decided to call it quits.

    I got no real takes with the cut bait other than small nibbles from little stripers or catfish. I say they were small cats because they usually just peck at the bait, the big cats normally just grab it and go, most of the time. There where small schools of stripers around because I could see and hear them striking the baitfish up and down the river. Maybe next time I will take some swimbaits and see if I can get some action with lures.

    Only real action I saw was from the numerous carp jumping and feeding in the shallows. I actually brought some corn this outing and decided at the end to target them. They provided some nice action at the end of a long day. Boy can they make strong runs. I used a number six barbless octopus hook on a European style hair rig using 15 lb test mono. I decide to place my fishing rod upright with my reel in gear with my drag set in normal fighting strength. That way the carp can feel the hook and set it themselves. The initial run was explosive and the rod really bent down but I didn't worry because I was using a strong rod holder. I still set the hook to make sure and at the end of the fight the hook was set perfectly in the bottom of the mouth.

    Overall the day was good and only problem was the wind and trying to cast into it. River level and water temperature was about the same as last week.

    Carp basking in shallow rip rap.

    Waiting for action on a river bend.

    A small carp but a good fighter.

    Local wildlife at the watering hole.

    Looking at baby fish while waiting form action.

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